Britain wants more Muslim, Hindu spies

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    " LONDON: They are not quite the prototype of Ian Fleming's Martini-drinking, Aston Martin-tooling, macho English playboy secret agent James Bond, but Britain's desperately-seeking, mainly-white foreign and domestic intelligence services have launched an unusual publicity drive to recruit Muslim and Hindu agents by allowing a few of the existing handful to speak out about their lives. "

    you think the pay is good? you think it's worth the headache? I don't know, maybe I might convert to islam, change my name, put it in the resume and apply for a job at MI7

    talking of MI7;

    "LONDON (Reuters) - The success of the James Bond movies has given the British Secret Intelligence Service a recruitment headache -- too many cranks want to join MI6.

    "I think it gives people a false impression of what working for the organisation is actually like," the head of MI6 recruitment -- named only as "Mark" -- told BBC Radio One's Newsbeat programme on Monday.

    "So it does tend to turn up quite a lot of thrill seekers and fantasists and we're really not interested in them".

    As well as dismissing the notion that spying was a never-ending life of fast cars, fast women and shaken not stirred Martini cocktails, "Mark" was keen to demolish another myth surrounding MI6.

    "We don't have a licence to kill -- we don't carry Berettas -- that's simply not true.""

    Mark didn't get any, that's why he was keen to demolish that myth, [​IMG]
  2. by the way I fucking hate fucking james bond movies
  3. I thought they were great, overall.
    What didn't you like about them?

    Besides, they are the only known instance of any englishmen being regarded as suave or debonair, i think thats important historically. Even if its fiction:D
  4. his car and geeky gadgets remind me of inspector gadget [​IMG]

    his driving is like that of a teenager who just got hold of a car after playing various versions of 'need for speed' for 254 days straight

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    double'o'seven, give me a fucking break, that sounds like counting your shit while taking a dump