Britain overtakes US as top financial centre

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  2. It was huge surprise for me was to see Australia rated number two. Obviously the size of the market is not the overriding factor.

    I would guess that the score is derived from weighting various factors which is always going to be somewhat subjective.
  3. Counting dark suit, white shirt wearers in London City, I guess it´s just is like the headlines wants to suggest...
  4. London is shit and the UK as a whole is a dump. I'd rather live in Alaska
  5. agree 100%, what a fucking load of shit that country is, useless and pathetic ugly fucks eat, breathe and fuck there, I'd love to see the entirety of that shitland go under water
  6. This isn't anything new?

    There's countless indicies and league tables that have shown London to be the financial capital of the world for decades.

    The only reason Americans ever thought they were the financial capital of the world was becuase of Mark Haines!!
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    Have you been short ES during this last week? You sound like a very angry person.

    In the US you have near zero rates, external deficits, and public debt sky-rocketing to 100pc of GDP, and on top of that you are printing money. It is the perfect storm for the dollar.

    Enjoy your bronze medal man, as I sincerely doubt that you will be seeing another podium finish for a long long time.
  8. indeed the UK is going to the dogs, it's game over. Despite all the injections, there is no sign of life. The junkie is dead.

    Alaska is maybe exaggerated, I'd suggest a nice coastal town somewhere taxation is not prohibitive. That rules out the UK off course but also almost any European country.
  9. Are you aware of a place called Detroit?
  10. this is a joke. UK is full of chavs
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