Britain is the next Greece: 1 in 5 has to borrow money to buy food

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  1. If you take this

    Cash-strapped Britain: One in five has to borrow money to buy food

    And combine it with this

    85% of Greece's debt will be owned by European taxpayers

    And this

    Spain's unemployment rate hits 22.9%

    And top it off with this

    Euroland will pay for this monetary madness

    What do you get?

    You get a make believe system that functions solely based on ECB and FED money print and pump. This can work.....for some time....when this whole thing blows up. I wouldn't want to be around. :/

    Probability indicates I will be around though :(
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  3. zdreg


    Probability indicates I will be around though

    should we start a collection to fund a ticket for you to a safe haven?
  4. And where would that be?
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    Uk government aim to make the first £10k tax free by 2015. That should help.
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    Who isn't the next Greece?
  7. I really don't think there is a way out of owing 500 percent of GDP and the rest.
  8. Russia, South America, China, Australia, Canada to name but a few.
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    GDP is a trillion, government debt by 2015 will be 1.5trillion. Add on PFI and pension liability. How do you get 5 trillion?
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