Britain & Iran or How I learned To Love The Bomb...

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  1. Well no one has tackled the task yet of estimating the impact to our market with some sort of military conflict with Iran.

    The British likely will stage some sort of commando raid in the next two weeks. Will this rock the markets?
    If Iran looks weak and the men and women are rescued
    and the operation goes off without a hitch....

    If The Brits lose a few helicopters and suffer casualties and fail....

    It could all get very interesting. The Auto drivers have been made to accept these unnaturally high gas prices, I wonder if our Gov is allowing this to happen to insulate our future reactions-- If we pay $3 a gallon now gladly- we would surely pay $5 if a quick war broke out...

    Conversely, The Iranians back down return the captured soldiers and Markets Roar!

    One thing that has really been bothering me and it HAS not been explained at all. These British troops were in rubber rafts with a large warship nearby. Why did that warship not intervene? Who was the dumb ass higher up who let one of the world's great navy's be humiliated like this? It's a freakin' disgrace- I would run Tony B out of office more for this than Iraq. They come of looking like patsies. It's time the Brits got a bit of that stiff upper lips that they are famous for.....

    In seven quick nights they could take out the infrastructure of the country- power and water- and then just let the Iranians stew without the comforts of modern society for a while. When they are vulnerable and their air defenses are down we can sneak across the boarder with iraq and attack as many nuclear sites as we want in the confusion. No one will know where the bombs are coming from.

    I'm sick of this little tyrant over there in his platform shoes... and this hostage taking - is just the last straw- I like the Iranian people but enough is enough - your backwards ass government needs a big dose of bunker busting bombs NOW.
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    They don't know where the soldiers are being held for that specific reason probably. Staging a raid will be difficult.
  3. Crude futures going up, no matter what anyone does.

    Bought any gas for your car lately? Then you can see what direction energy prices are going.
  4. The Brits, according to Wikipedia, really do not have a large army. Only around 100k troops. I do not think they could fight the Iranians that easily. They would need the assistance from either the EU, UN, NATO, or U.S. To be frank, I do not think the U.S. is in any position to assist the Brits; as we cannot even send enough troops to cover Iraq.
  5. or the Brits could just piss all over the place?

  6. No one can really do anything and the Iranians know it.

    That's exactly why they took those prisoners: to prove how thinly spread the US and their allies truly are.
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    Agree. They know that taking them leads to nothing but higher oil prices(great for them), media attention, and hopefully an apology from the British. There really isn't much, other than a full scale invasion, that is going to lead to an end to this.

    The fact that they only ask for an apology for the soldiers' release is pure shit. Either they should try them for a crime or let them go...not play games.
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    all of you would do well to remember, given that the US has done such swell job with Iraq, that the insurgency there has been amongst a population 1/5th the size of that we would face in Iran. Further, the country has not been subject to sanctions these last 17 years, as Iraq has. No one knows what ordnance they possess.

    Consider also that their proxy, Hezbollah, kicked mighty holy Israel' s vaunted ass. With only small arms.

    It would also probably help to remember that the Persian gulf IS named that for a reason.

    For those of you who advocate bombing power and water installations: you only show the world that you are unfit to be allowed to live in civilized society. Per the Geneva conventions, to which we are a signatory, the deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure is a WAR CRIME. now bear with here, morons: that makes those who advocate such a strategy, or put it into effect

    Zionists do tend to forget that, except, of course, only when it benefits them.

    Figure it out:

    'Put your sword back in its place, for all those who take up the sword perish by the sword."
  9. They always can ask the Israelis' to go in and nuke the place.. That would certainly kill the Iran threat.. Then again, oil would still skyrocket probably.
  10. I recall a few people saying that about Gitmo.

    The UK and Iran aren't at war so technically the "captured" British sailors aren't POWs either.

    Anyway, this site is always fun to play with:

    There's a high probability that British diplomatic efforts will resolve this all in the coming days.
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