Britain In Full Blown Economic Panic

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  1. Crisis Sinks Pound, Rattles Britain

    Published: January 22, 2009

    Filed at 8:33 p.m. ET

    LONDON (AP) --
    A plunging pound. Surging unemployment. Worries the banking system may collapse and take the country's credit rating with it.

    Fears are growing that Britain's economy is falling off a cliff amid the world financial crisis. Growth figures due Friday could show the country in its worst downturn in nearly 30 years, capping a terrible week that saw unemployment figures surge and mounting talk that the country's debt could face a humiliating downgrade...
  2. This is a little scary.
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    Germany has predicted that its economy will shrink by 2.25% in 2009, which would be its worst performance in the post-World War II era.

    The downgraded forecast is much lower than the previous prediction of 0.2% growth, made in October. Germany's economy accounts for about a third of eurozone output. Germany is a export power-house for heavy industrial machinery. This means worldwide giant industries are shutting down
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  5. The main mature economies of the world are having their capital accounts wiped out. As a service economy without a large paper factory, it's going to be tough to get out of this one without massive money printing. Inflation is going to roar worldwide in a couple years from now once demand comes online again.
  6. England WAS selected many years ago to be the first primary western economy pushed over the edge in the financial grid takedown.......just amazing how it is all coming true JUST AS PLANNED.

    Guns all taken away, more cameras per capita than any other country, and a "manageable" sized economy to push off the edge and "light" the final fuse to the upcomming PLANNED geoeconomic storm! :mad:

    Get ready for NEW currency solutions and a new empowered WORLD BANK entity.....get ready IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

    WHY??? Becuase you will all CONTINUE to sit back and do nothing but watch the destruction as a timid and docile spectator.......ENJOY! :eek:
  7. "We shall defend our Pound Sterling and UK economy whatever the cost may be; we can sleep on the beaches, landing grounds, in the fields, we can live in the streets and on the hills. We shall never surrender!"
  8. It would actually be awesome if Britain's economy goes to the toilet before everyone else.

    I say so because this could really push lawmakers, CEO's and worldwide leaders to true effective actions.
  9. Too late.....the globalists already have them all OWNED! :eek:
  10. Sorry....that was from back in the day when citizens from Britain actually had some sack! :eek:
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