Brit moving to US....where would YOU recommend to live?

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  1. I'm considering moving to the US from the UK for a few years.

    Only one thing I don't know where I'm going...........

    I'm open to any suggestions.
    Background info 27yr Male no ties or dependants, will be trading and enjoying life in the US for a bit.


    Within 1hr drive of an airport, I will be flying back to the UK regulary
    A City/or very close to a city. Need the lifestyle a city offers
    Affordable housing. Will rent initially, wouldn't want to spend more than $1600 pm but would prefer something around $1000 if possible???? (would consider buying if I settled)
    Close to a beach and a sunny climate. Although I have heard seattle is a great city despite being UK type weather?
    Good connectivity to trade from home. Should be a given in Metro areas

    So what's my best bet? Socal? Miami? I can literally go anywhere, I just need some ideas to start my research on.
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    i honestly dont know if 1600 will pay rent in the cities mentioned.
  3. Portland Oregon is nice.
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    For Britts? Seattle!! It gets as much rain as England...
  5. Send him up to Vancouver, Canada. I think they have more fog
    there so it would seem more like London...:p
  6. Chula Vista, CA is very popular with new immigrants.
  7. Anywhere from Huntington Beach California to San Diego California. You could even go Seal Beach, or Long Beach. Most of Long Beach is actually nice, except for renting purposes, but it is still an option.
    The Los Angeles County coastal cities for the most part are going to be overpriced for what you get compared to a lot of Orange County and North San Diego County.

    Many people on here are going to tell you that Southern California is loaded with a bunch of phonies, but it isn't as bad as they say. Most of the phonies are people who have moved here from other parts of the country.

    Coming from England, you may not be ready for the humidity in Florida. You can fly in at midnight and be sweating your balls off the second you get off the plane.
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