Bristol Palin Moving In with Kyle Massey for Reality Show

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    Bristol Palin Moving In with Kyle Massey for Reality Show

    Fresh off speculation that she's had plastic surgery, Bristol Palin is now getting ready to face the cameras again.

    Sarah Palin's 20-year-old daughter is moving out of her Arizona digs and back to Los Angeles with her son Tripp, 2, to live with fellow season 11 Dancing with the Stars contestant Kyle Massey, 19, and his brother Chris, 21.

    It's all being filmed for a reality show, which will follow the famous young single mom as she works at a small charity, according to David McKillop, Executive Vice President of Programming for A&E and the BIO Channel.

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    "Bristol is the kind of personality BIO is drawn to," McKillop says. "Her personal life has been playing out in the media for several years but this will be the first time she's opening up her real life, with her and son and her friends the Massey brothers."

    BIO has ordered ten half-hour episodes of as-of-yet untitled documentary series, which is set to air at the end of this year.
  2. Hey, you'd probably know this, since you guys are so obsessed with Palin.

    Was there some scandal at some point about her trying to pass per daughter's child off as hers or something along those lines? I remember hearing someone saying something like that and I didn't know what they were talking about.
  3. There was conspiracy theories that Sarah's youngest kid was actually her daughters kid

    It was reported on numerous political sites so you don't have to be obsessed with Palin to have heard about it .I'm not a conspiracy theorist so I never made any post about it
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    He looks fairly normal, I think I would stay way from her, if I were him.
  5. LOL !!!
  6. I didn't care for Sarahs show but I might have to check this one out
  7. White trailerpark trash moving in with blacks and getting knocked up. That is typical. Palins don't surprise.
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  9. I wonder what the internet odds will be on Palin having a mixed raced grand kid coming out of this :cool:

    I also wonder if the porno parody will be better then Nailin Palin :eek: