Bristol Palin in a smackdown

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    Funny video but these guys are out of line. No reason to behave this way in public. It amazes me the amount of hate some people have in them.
  2. Hate and liberals go hand in hand.
  3. People get retarded but i would say that the palins have made TONS of money by trashing others so you gotta be able to take if you're going to be in the arena.

    Bristol handled herself pretty good and seemed strong so good for her.

    but yeah, i'd like her to ride me too.
  4. hehe, she left that dude hangin' on the high five
  5. Ricter


    Snore. Your posts are all hate.
  6. 377OHMS


    Agree. ET P&R is a good example. The real seething hatred comes from the mindless elements on the left.

    I cite OmegaPoint/RangeRover/AK-47 as an example.

    Conservatives just want the country to be fit for habitation.

    Liberals want to literally denigrate, suppress and destroy Conservatives.

    Just wait until the deniers realize their messiah is going to be defeated. All hell is going to break loose.

    I shoulda invested in some of the gun manufacturers in 2007. :)
  7. I've often wondered about this very point. If he loses, will some of the country erupt into a denizen of sore losers prone to pillage?
  8. Eight


    The Left just hates the Palins, maybe it's the queers that hate them the most...

    Sarah Palin had a dozen investigations, every one of which cost her personal money to defend and only one of which resulted in anything naughty showing up, and it was so minor that even the MSM didn't make a big deal... her church got torched.. and bastards like that guy in the video say that Bristol is "just evil"..

    I had some trouble with some leftist AmeriBitch so I sued and took her money and shut down an illegal source of her income.. she didn't think there might be blowback for her policies? She was for more property taxes and I own a rental so I got my tax money back right out of her accounts and f$%ked up her income same as she wanted to do to me via the government...

    I admire Sarah Palin, she quit the Governorship and hit the speaking trail and is making some nice long coin for her Golden Years... Go Tea Party!!
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    Yeah, I'm with you, brother Mavie.
    Maybe they should look into some anger management assistance.
    ILSHIS (That means I'm laughing so hard, I'm snorting):D
  10. mavie ??? . :( .
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