Brisbane / S.E. Queensland

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  1. Any other professional traders around interested in meeting?
  2. just21


    Isn't the timezone a bit difficult for US markets? Trading from a beachside shack sounds very inviting!
  3. I trade the openings of the asian and euro stockmarkets, so in local time my workday is 9.30am-12.30pm and 16.30-17.30.

    It's tough living here in paradise...
  4. I live down on the Gold Coast zen. It would be interesting to touch base some time.
  5. I live in Brisbane guys, hmmm, ... would be interesting to meet some other traders..
  6. Brisbane/Gold Coast here.
    guys why isn't there a prop shop around here.
    we need to pool our resources together and start a arcade.
    im serious.
    anyone keen?
  7. Do you experience latency trading to Europe and Asia from Australia? Any estimate of milliseconds of lag to the different continents?

    What internet connection method have you found to be the best for trading (cable, fibre, dsl, etc)?

  8. I personally haven't noticed any real difference getting orders into Sydney compared to Europe or US, but a few milliseconds won't make any difference to my strategy so haven't looked into it in any detail.

    I'm using ADSL now and it's very reliable, in the early days I was on 56k dial-up and that was still ok.
  9. Thanks everyone for the replies, nice to know I'm not the only one here toiling away!

    Maybe we could meet for a lunch one Saturday or Sunday? How about you guys send me a pm/email with your email address, then we can correspond with each other offline to work out a date/time/place.
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