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  1. nice propaganda Bung.....BTW, I didn't know there was depleted Uranium all over the place as it states in that little slide show!!!! so they did have that stuff after all?????
  2. That's not me, pal.

    Actually, and I'm surprised you don't know this, the depleted uranium is from spent Thunderbolt ("tank-killer" plane) shells which were fired at Iraqi tanks in the 1991 Gulf War. (And in case you weren't aware of this, either, the Thunderbolt planes were American).


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  3. :D ahhh brother tiny Tim :D so confused after all you been through? :confused:

    This should clear things up for ya:cool:

    The M900 Depleted Uranium APFSDS-T [Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot - Tracer] cartridge is the primary anti-armor 105mm

    There is no dispute of the fact that at least 320 tons of depleted uranium (DU) was "lost" in the Gulf war, and

    In Iraq the U.S. Airforce A-10 aircraft fired approximately 940,000
    30mm rounds. In addition 14,000 large caliber DU tank rounds of
    105mm were fired. By the end of the war over 600,000 pounds of
    uranium from spent rounds lay scattered across Iraq and Kuwait.

    How can you believe all this propaganda? preposterous!!! :mad:
  4. so it is inaccurate?

  5. great come the NY times or CNN is never the source? It's always some "pink" of "powder blue" web site that looks like it was created in 1987????????
  6. yeah right, right, the propaganda is unreal:D

    do you prefer white and green from CNN?

    How can anyone believe this propaganda? You are absolutely right! Don't let anyone say otherwise.

    Depleted Uranium WAS NEVER USED.. right.. right.. what ever you say Bob.

    How about a white and blue for your slow brain? straight from U.S. Department of Defense?

    Pentagon Officials Say Depleted Uranium Powerful, Safe
    Sgt. 1st Class Doug Sample, USA
    American Forces Press Service

    WASHINGTON, March 14, 2003 – Pentagon officials showed pictures today from the 1991 Gulf War of an Iraqi tank completely destroyed by a 105 mm round made of depleted uranium. The round had pierced the tank's thick armor, leaving only a burned out shell.

    Even more impressive, they told of how a DU round had penetrated directly through a sand dune to demolish a tank hiding behind it.

    Unreal propaganda:mad:

    :D :D

  7. read the story you printed just is much different then the other the link you gave to start this thread said our troops are " surrounded by depleted uranium"....considering these guys were onthe move in one of the quickest army movements of all time, I do believe it is pure propaganda showing a picture of troops in a trench and saying they were surrounded by uranium? you would disagree? also, in the gull syndrome story you printed, they say they do not have proof of what it is but noted that other areas have also had additionthey said it could be stress.