Bringing Down The House

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  1. by Ben Mezrich.
    anyone else read this book?... what a GREAT story... best trading related storytelling since nassim taleb's fooled by randomness...
    it's actually about a blackjack team winning at vegas, but you can see immediately the similarities b/w what those guys do and what successful traders do: waiting for favorable odds, money management, exploting your opponents' biases... the irony and the beauty of the book is that the guys planned everything with excruciating detail but they forgot one thing: what to do if they became successful...
  2. MrDinky


    Sounds too much like Uston's "The Big Player." Is there anything new in this book or just a rehash of the same story?

  3. no it's not the same story, more advanced strategies, new characters, more money, and it happens in the nineties.