Bring them back!

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  1. Exactly... we have no option but to stay and kill those Evil Iraqis who continue to terrorize our hero soldiers, who are only there to liberate Iraq and find weapons of mass destruction... the Iraqi terrorists should grow up and learn that we are there to liberate, not to put in a puppet government and control their oil... our brave soldiers should proudly lay down their lives in this war of Good against Terror... our hero soldiers are dying in a great cause, for the future safety of our kids from Saddam's Evil Weapons of Mass Destruction... we should be proud of our dead soldiers... they died for us...
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  2. welo


    Sounds to me like someone has been listening to GWB's every breath a little too much for the past couple of years. Although I grudgingly admit to harboring a certain affection for the guy, I'm so sick by now of hearing variations of "Evil [whatever]" phrases I could almost scream.

    Show some patriotism, support the troops, be proud of them and want them back, but cripes, do it for the right reasons. They'll be back when their job is done.

    (I am a combat-"disabled" Gulf vet, incidentally. Recon, 2d Marine Division. Pleased to meet ya)
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  3. Brother welo,

    There is a blood price that we must be prepared to pay to defend our children from Saddam's Evil Weapons of Mass Destruction... remember that we went into Iraq to rid that Evil Country of WMDs... we must allow our brave hero soldiers to be killed in action, defending us from Saddams cruel weapons... may our heros rest in peace... it's a price worth paying for our security... once again, we are NOT in Iraq to take the oil... if we were there just for the oil, then obviously our soldiers' lives are not worthy of being laid down in such a stupid venture... but no, my Brethren, we are only there to defend our shores from Saddam's Evil Weapons of Mass Destruction (which is precisely what the Hero Bush gave as our reason to attack the Evil Saddam), so any of our soldiers killed in Iraq in our defense are not killed in vain... R.I.P. brave soldiers... R.I.P...


    We must stay as long as it takes to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction... and we must be prepared to lose as many soldiers as necessary... it's worth it...

    God Bless America...

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  4. let's send dubya and that fat bastard dick cheney over there...oh wait -- they're too good for that sort of thing. HA!

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  5. Marine Recon? Much respect and thank you for your service.

    Don't be taken in by Candletrader.

    I wonder if you read the British report from Fallujah that Madison linked. As a veteran, would you say there's anything surprising about soldiers who've been doing hard and dangerous duty griping profanely and telling dramatic stories in a manner intended to shock whatever civilian happens to be around to listen? I'm not suggesting that there aren't fatigue and possibly other serious issues that need to be dealt with better, especially in high tension hot spots like Fallujah, but in the 99% of Iraq where things are much better, different soldiers might have very different things to say, though my guess is that even the soldiers who are billetted in one of Saddam's palaces and swimming daily in one of his massive indoor pools are finding plenty to gripe about.

    Yes, the loss of life is tragic. And, yes, the death toll is "mounting" - because, as David Warren recently pointed out, death tolls can't do anything else unless people start coming back to life. If all of the soldiers who have died since the fall of Baghdad had died before or during the taking of the city, the difference in the numbers would have had little effect on perceptions about the war as a whole.

    There are no simple solutions, and we shouldn't expect there to be any. Withdrawing from the streets would in many places be the exact worst thing to do, though in other places it's the only thing to do. As for "Bringing Them Back": a) ain't gonna happen anytime soon (not counting troop rotations) and b) would be criminally stupid and a disaster.

    Part of the problem - and one of the main reasons the much-criticized Garner was put in place originally - is that post-war planning was for scenarios that, in hindsight, seem like worst-case fantasies. Garner is an expert at dealing with disasters, but isn't much, apparently, on nation-building. That's not to say that there shouldn't have been better planning for what has occurred instead, or that the situation isn't complex and couldn't go really bad in a thousand ways, but the news media doesn't report, day after day, with screaming headlines, "No Humanitarian Catastrophe in Iraq" or "No Environmental Catastrophe in Iraq" or "Unused Mass Refugee Camps Still No Longer in Place" or "US and British Casualties Extremely Low." Nor do the media reflect much on the past: So we don't see "No Innocents Arrested and Tortured in Iraq" or "No Infants Denied Formula for the Sake of Propaganda" or "No Food Aid Sold on the Black Market by the Government" or "No Oil Money Stolen by Iraqi Officials." Similarly, the media doesn't run domestic headlines on "300 million Americans Not Leaving Homeless Men to Die in their Garages Today" or "Millions of Husbands Not On Trial for Murdering their Pregnant Wives."

    CNN anchor Aaron Brown, whose work I usually enjoy, actually asserted tonight that the "truth" is somewhere between the statements "the Iraqi people are worse off than before" and "the Iraqi people are better off." That could only mean that the Iraqi people are in the same situation as before...

    There have been a few reports on the re-birth or first birth of democracy in the quieter sections of the country, and the bringing of utilities and other services to some places, including many that had had no dependable service for years if ever, but media and political focus remains professionally on the bad news and whatever can be criticized. That's partly to the good, but no one should confuse the results with a just portrayal of the situation as a whole. And where are the international humanitarians who, before the war, used to claim that 6,000 Iraqi babies a month were dying as a result of UN sanctions? Giving credit to the US for changing the situation (which, typically, they exaggerated, but which did need to change)? No - they're busy finding new and different things to complain about, because, without new and different things to complain about, they'd be out of work.

    In some ways, Iraqis and Americans are very similar - and just like most people on the planet: They tend to have short memories, tend to be obsessed with themselves and the present moment often to the exclusion of all rational assessements of their relative circumstances, and are real good at finding new things to whine about. (Which is the main difference between soldiers and civilians. Soldiers, as a rule, don't whine: They gripe.)
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  6. I gotta agree with Brother KymarFye, and thanks for your service, Brother welo...

    We should let em stay.... we still gotta find those Evil WMDs, which is the reason we fought Iraq said the Hero Bush (and I gotta agree with the Hero Bush)... so our hero soldiers should stay until we find the WMDs... its their job to defend us and they are paid to put their lives on the line in our defense... God Bless 'Em... I hope not too many of them are murdered by those Evil Iraqi Terrorists who, for some strange reason, don't seem to like the most bestest country in the world, our USA...

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  7. ElCubano


    Cmon Candle give up the crock of shit speach........If it were a real brother or a son of yours you wouldnt be talking this way...... "Protect our kids from saddams WMD"....Try securing the freaken borders dont fight terrorism 8000 miles away you fight it in your own backyard were it really affects our civilians......

    And I'll tell you this...AAA is 100% correct , our compasion is our vulnerability......I for one would take no prisoners and I would shoot any Iraqi within 100 ft of me.....period.
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  8. So would I, Brother ElCubano, so would I... these Iraqi Scum are murdering bastids... we should send a few MOABs their way...
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    Saddam didn't use the weapons when he needed to the most...How was Bush so sure???? It is only worth it if in fact it was not smoke and mirriors my friend....anything else is hogwash.......

    I dont know a thing..I just hope in the end your statement is correct....."It's worth it"
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