Bring them back!

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  1. Not a day goes by without some US or UK soldier getting killed in Irak or Afghanistan. It is difficult to justify these wars especially in Iraq but now that it's officially over it is even more difficult to justify the killing of kids sent there by their evil governments. I can't imagine what kind of hell these guys are going through. Iraq is turning into a real quagmire.

  2. Yawn.....a little late for the quagmire theme don't you think?? heard that in the first three days of the war.....and if we were to leaver now I would say 100's of thousands of Iraqis would die in ethnic cleansing, tribal war and worse yet , from cholera
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    unfortunately, that is not our problem.....I guess it hits home if it was your kid and not someone else's.....peace

  4. True...But after all we have gone through , to leave now would be worse ....We need to protect our soldiers better and start getting tougher but it would be a big mistake to walk out now and i am positive we'd have to sedn troops there again in a year.
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    I know...its not an easy solution; maybe it would have been better not to have gone in the first place.....
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  7. Give it time Cubano.....You will see.
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    im going to give it 1 more month after that im coming up to Tampa and whoopin ur ass........:D

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  9. Let em stay... we still gotta smoke out the Evil Iraqi Terrorists and give em justice for threatening us with those Evil Weapons of Mass Destruction... any Iraqi who does not support Operation Iraqi Freedom is a terrorist and must be executed by our patriotic soldiers... Every life we lose is worth it for the bigger picture of punishing the Evil Iraqis... our hero soldiers must continue to lay down their lives in the pursuit of freedom for Iraq, liberty for its people and the elimination of weapons of mass destruction.... God Bless America... remember, we still gotta smoke out the terrorists and the weapons of mass destruction they are hiding... that's why we're there, ain't it? :D
  10. The loss of life is tragic. It is a tough situation to handle. If you treat the population harshly, then you create more opposition. If you treat them with kindness, y9ou get what we're getting now. If we were monsters it would be easy, but our compassion makes us vulnerable.

    My only solution is to get our troops off the streets. They are not trained for occupation duty or policing. Let Iraqi's keep order under our supervision. Pulling out unfortunately is not an option. Every time we do that after a few casualties, we compound the Somalia image, namely that we can be forced to abandon what we consider important missions by terror tactics.
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