Bring on the DEPRESSION. Hahaha

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  1. Time to weed out these motherfuckers graduating with fluffy degrees & 100,000 dollars in student loan debt. Hahshahshahahagagagahahdhahdhagagap
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    What was your major at university?

    What degree(s) did you earn?

    Did you take out any student loans?
  3. Non-fluff + fluff / BA + MS / And yes, and I can easily pay them back because I was smart and realized that no job is guaranteed and I'm entitled to shit.
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    While I share you opinion of "fluff" degrees and idiotic student loans I don't necesarily want a depression just to make those dolts suffer.
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    Ok, fair enough. You don't mention your major but thats ok.

    I happen to hold the same view, that the world doesn't owe me a living. Not so many people think that way these days.
  6. In a perfect world I would want world peace and for everyone to prosper, but I know better. Depression is inevitable to to our economic policies. But I believe we will emerge stronger and wiser as a people when we pull out of it.
  7. Let's say business + social science. Don't want to get too detailed.
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    Why, is it Top Secret?
  9. You're shooting the wrong horse.

    It's time to bankrupt a large percentage of these worthless universities filled with socialist leaning professors that teach nothing but "fluff" to naive kids who have mortgaged their entire future for a few years of worthless lectures.
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    Thumbs up!
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