Bring me Monday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rowenwood, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Bring me Monday
    I'm ready for some money. S&P up 1%. Lucent Technologies up 2%. Aliens in our galaxy! President to ban Islam and send all it's brainwashed followers home. WHOW OWO WOEW!
  2. Where is the source, msnbc? Hurry, let us know, pal. It's urgent.
  3. i actually look forward to mondays (trading days), too.

    how many people in america say that
  4. God told me so. Trust me I know! And if your friends tell you differently, let me know. And if you lose tommorow I'll pay you for your losses. Tell me something new, now! Wow.

    Goodnight stars, goodnight moon. I need a tradestation account and 3000 near the money LU calls. I've got a gambling problem and I'm insane, or tell me, what else shoud I tell you?
  5. I hate weekends, hate.
  6. you're a crazy dude, but i like it
  7. Well then, DOOBELEEDOO!
  8. Me too -- I hate Friday afternoon and I love Sunday night.
    Hell - I like going to bed on weekdays because the next
    thing I'll be doing is trading.

    I used to stay up too late... love Friday afternoon and feel
    sick on Sunday night.

    Man this is a great "job."

  9. I too love mondays nowadays. When I was working as an self-employed computer consultant in the late 90s - even months when I'd earn 30 000+ USD - I never felt really good about mondays and the new start of a week like I do now. The definite low point was after I sold the companies and started working a regular job at the company which acquired them. Then mondays sucked.

    Even developing new software for personal trading purposes is much more fun than developing any other kind of software. Luckily I was able to get involved in projects like neural network (MLP-based using genetic algorithms for populating improving models with time series) prediction on (electricity) future markets. The experience is great, but nothing beats being a trader for a living.
    It's kinda hard on the old pump and pipes, though. That's maybe one of the perils of high volume trading, but it beats extreme sports, perhaps ?
  10. somtimes cutting and hiding 30 cents away afterhours can hurt
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