Bring Brownie to New York to show FEMA how to fix a city

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  1. No food, No gas, No power, No public transportation, No answers.

    Where is FEMA?
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    How is it you're posting if you have no power?
  3. Why is it so many here post without a moment's reflection on the content of their posts? New York City experienced a superstorm that ceased on Tuesday, four days ago. Do you expect total receovery within four days?

    75% of the subway transit lines were operational as of yesterday. Once power is retored to lower Manhattan, likely complete today 95% of the lines will be operational. There is plenty of food available as the bridges are all open, and food reserves never approached being exhausted. Tunnels are still out but they were never open to Commercial traffic.There is plenty of gas too, but for a couple of days demand was outstripping supply as power losses not just shut down certain gas stations, but people were using gas to power generators.

    Yeah, bring Brownie and Bush back. New York today is in better shape than New Orleans was at the end of Bush' term.
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    Caught in NY traffic.
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    New Orleans was so mismanaged [by Democrats]. Money to upgrade the pump system that would have averted the whole mess was diverted to other things. Louisiana is a toxic waste dump and the flood waters were poison. Arguably, New York today is in better shape than New Orleans was at the BEGINNING of Bush' term.
  6. Well the mayor and others were under "C" level in the brainn department.

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  7. FEMA, Obama, and Christie did well. And the response was excellent. And yet, the whacko's have to say negative things no matter what. Because they're told to, and have hate Obama.

    Common sense, note the GOP. Agencies like FEMA are far more cost effective than having such things handled locally. Do we really need 50 fleets of helicopters, CAT tractors, and all the other equipment and trained personnel? Of course not, it's doubtful that all 50 States would have a disaster at the same time. And, of course, local First Responders makes sense as well. Common sense.
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    It would make sense if the Federal Government was capable of being efficient... It would make sense if the Federal agency was intimate with the local terrain, people, problems, systems, etc.. It would make sense if the fleets of copters, catepillars, etc. could be delivered..
  9. Of course, and we do a pretty good job of getting equipment and personnel halfway across the planet to fight in wars, so I think we can do the same here. At least in the lower 48. And, yes, we need to have some sort of centralized structure to integrate Fed, State, and local agencies. I think FEMA, or similar, should be responsible for that.
  10. How the hell would you know? You're in Las Vegas.
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