Bring back the draft

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  1. Rep Charles Rangel, Korean war veteran and bronze star awardee, introduced a bill recently for universal military service. The draft. It's less than DOA, it's not even going to get to committee.

    However, his idea is that the burden of conflict should be carried by all americans, not just those who volunteer, who generally are not children of the middle and upper classes.

    The Pentagon says they do not want forced conscripts, that they will not serve the military well. But the idea of service to your country is appealing for a host of reasons (especially after a time of such corporate greed and corruption).
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  9. What IS the point of this thread, dgabriel?

    Mondo is undoubtedly extremist, but he brings up a valid point: why would someone like you, who is obviously against the war, start a thread like this?

    Is it to imply that rich kids don't volunteer to serve in the Armed Forces, and that a draft would force them to share in the death and misery of what you view as an unjust war?

    Your ending statement about service to the country fails to mention that there are other alternatives besides the armed forces, i.e. regular government agencies, Peace Corps, etc.

    Have you ever served in the Armed Forces? :confused:

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