Bring back the draft.

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  1. Too many chickenhawks wanting all kinds of war but unwilling to walk the walk. I saw anyone between the ages of 17-30 can be drafted at any moment.

    Anyone between the ages of 17-19 must partake in a 2 year stint of obligatory millitary service (Bootcamp etc..) NO College deferments allowed either. Yo get out of HS and you serve your country for 2 years.

    This will also put some backbone on todays youth who seem a bit aimless lately and man them up a bit. Want war no problem, we got soldiers left and right.
  2. wow.

    do you also dislike jews?
  3. We already tried that. Remember Jethro and Beatle Baily.:D
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    I agree, a draft will definitely cut down on the level of bullshit about invading other countries like it's nothing more than playing a videogame.
  5. I would pay a hefty sum to see Rush Limbaugh or Karl Rove's fat ass under fire in Fallujah, and I am sure many U.S. Soldiers and Marines would ante up some smokes or MREs to see the same.
  6. And I would pay a hefty sum to see all those radical left college prof's and their students under the same conditions. Another two way street that the radical left really doesn't want, but likes to bitch about.
  7. Why? They opposed the war unless I'm mistaken.

    I say let those who support the war fight the war.

    Forget a draft. Send all the biggest proponents of the Iraq War to fight it.

    If they did that, I'd have to go to Afghanistan, as I support that war.
  8. Opposing a war doesn't get one a free pass. If one wants to enjoy the freedoms of the country they live in, they need to ante up. There are plenty of non combat roles which they could do.
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    Great idea

  10. Dumb idea.
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