Bring back the British Empire

Discussion in 'Politics' started by philbloom, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I am not advocating bringing back British rule to civilized nations such as the USA, Canada and Australia. Fellow Anglo-Saxon nations deserve their independence.

    But I do feel that swathes of Africa and backwards places like India would be much better off under British rule.

    The Indians learnt high culture and manners under British rule. They also had railways given to them.

    The Africans were shown how to build stone buildings under the British and they were able to move out of their huts as a result.

    Places such as Hong Kong, Africa and India should never have been given back. All is not lost. A military campaign should be launched to regain British territory and hold on to territory such as the Falkland Islands, Gibralter and Northern Ireland.

    By gaining back its territory from the African, Indian and Chinese terrorists who fought the British, British economic growth is secured for the next century.

    Britain should work with the USA and a share of the reclaimed territories should be given to the USA as a reward. For example the USA could be given north India and Britain could keep south India. Kenya could be split up into north and south too, as could Nigeria (but oil should be shared equally between Britain and the USA).
  2. God Save the Queen!

    What a fantastic plan! My only disagreement is with the whole notion of nations like USA, Canada and Australia being civilized. Such a quaint idea! These Yanks, Aussies and, what's that other place called, are real savages. Britain must bring true civilization, such as afternoon tea, proper football and black pudding, to them, by force if necessary! They'll thank us later, I just know it!

    God Save the Queen!