Bring back JOKES thread

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Humpy, May 3, 2007.

Do we want the jokes thread back ?

  1. yes of course

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  2. yes if it doesn't insult you-know-who

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  3. only if its cleaned up

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  4. no never. Filthy jokes etc should be banned

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  1. Humpy


    Hopefully the moderators of this website will resurect the best thread on the site !!

    Perhaps George's lot thought he was taking too much of a beating ?
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    The original Jokes thread was getting so big it was starting to cause some database issues. Somebody already started a Jokes 2 thread so just continue on in that one.
  3. Humpy


    Oh OK sorry thought someone might have lost their sense of humour !
  4. Any way to split it in half and lock it so we can browse it?
  5. Any CLOSED thread can be browsed.
  6. A joke:

    If you tell a joke to a group of 5 people and only four are laughing, uh oh, it's not a joke anymore. One person gets offended, it's not funny anymore. Delete the joke.

    That's it, we should have a deleted joke thread. But really, this forums main theme is not jokes it is trading.

    Seriously, if someone is offended and you're on the joke thread, you shouldn't have to qualify your joke and say, it's only a joke.