bring back fox hunting

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  1. in the same way that Japan argues that killing off the whale population allows more fish for us...

    Foxes are hardly a well-know people killer. Why don't you find more productive uses of your time than bringing back the "ooo, bats and snakes are bad, KILL THEM" mentality.

    Normally you come across as cerebral. This is downright ignorant.
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  2. That's just not true. I lived in London for a number of years before fox hunting was banned and there were lots of foxes. They often get into the garbage. Even saw one in my kitchen once.
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  3. I think we should kill them all off before they take over from us.
    In actual fact they're already infiltrating most homes.
    Fox Sport
    Fox TV
    Fox Satellite
    Cunning buggers, watching you while you watch TV, ....learning all the time.....
    Sheep in fox clothing, umm I mean wolves in babies clothing, ahhhh WTF !
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    Have you got an explanation for Baron prepared as to your justification for deleting dozens of posts at a time?
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  5. I don't mind animals, but when I hear it is eating us, I feel a little uncomfortable. It's not just fox that would eat our babies, but dogs would too, even tho we treat them well. It's their nature to hunt and eat the weak.

    It's too in our nature to hunt, eat, and destroy any thing that could harm us.

    Should we hunt foxes? No, but next time when I go to a Chinese clothing store, I'll ask for fox fur.

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  6. I was taking a shower earlier when a fox walked in.

    It took one look at my cock and said, "Different, but it’s not a hen."

    What the fuck was that all about?
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  7. Obviously thought your pecker was something a fox could eat.
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