bring back fox hunting

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  1. in recent weeks a number of babies have been attacked by foxes would hunting foes stop these attacks, should it be brought back.
  2. maybe the people shouldn't leave their babies out and about to get eaten by foxes. Whos to blame? a wild animal who wants to eat to survive or a stupid parent who lets a child roam around with no boundaries?
  3. that is the point. the babies weren't outside they were in their house in the upstairs. the fox got in through an open window. it was a house in the town were foxes live because the population has risen and they have moved into the urban areas.
  4. geezuz close the freaking window already, try to live in harmony with nature :D

  5. still the parents fault if you ask me. if you knowingly live in a neighborhood where theres a large population of predatory animals and you dont take the right precautions, its your own fault.

    if a man lives in bear country and he leaves the door open and is killed by a grizzley, should the neighborhood kill off the bears?
  6. that is the point. there were not foxes in the towns until fox hunting was banned.

    it is like being attacked by a bear in NYC.
  7. you are somewhat warped.
  8. how am i warped. this did not happen when fox hunting was allowed. it kept the numbers down. now they are in the towns.
  9. funny, the foxes said the same thing about you when you showed up.
  10. now that's really funny :D
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