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  1. Are any of you ex-subscribers to the "Brilliant Trader" system? Or even any current ones? $4,000.00 seems like a lot to me for a system and I'd like to discuss it with someone who has really used it. Thanks

  2. What is supposed to be so great about it?
  3. If it sounds too good to be true it almost 99% always is. Yes, I'm a vendor here and part of a service. But make no mistake, trading is hard...even if your a member of our service. We just give you the trading signals and market commentary and greatly increase your chances of success. You'll still be working your tail off.

  4. Hey there!

    I was just checking out this website and saw a post so I signed up to answer any questions.

    What I notice is that most people have the same questions and just like myself, you are working through the jungle!!!

    What you need to know... is...
    I have bought many "systems" and "methods" and tested every indicator...

    Just think about this.... the smart money doesn't have a chart!
    (But how come there are patterns, etc.???) I figured this out!
    The Smart Money doesn't use Market Profiling!
    These are the real Pro's! They will take your money.

    This is what I teach... go with the smart money and know the real numbers. You think the floor uses Sup/Res/MA's etc.?

    Pick a good coach/teacher and save a lot of time, but most teachers are in the jungle with "systems" and not simple market truth.

    Trading is one of the toughest businesses out there, but it is also the best home business, and with experience using the right numbers, not fighting the market (like the smart money) you can be profitable.

  5. Mr brilliant trade, nothing on your chart means anything.
    Any fool could take a significant looking price bar, guess mm's would run price past obvious supp/res levels, run a ballpark 1/2- atr reversal entry off such levels and have taken more than you even showed on your chart.

    Your profile, says "coming soon"-my guess, is going, very soon.
  6. better to use floor trader pivot points. i've attached the esignal version.
  7. Hey Spectra

    We're still waiting on those stats re: the system you're selling. We were wondering about the 14 point stops you are suggesting and hoping that we could see the historical win/loss ratio so that we could figure out if such unusually wide stops would work given the amount of drawdown dictated by the win/loss ratio and average win size vs. average loss size.

    Obviously if you are selling your system, you must have a long and detailed record of historical trades for it, right? So if you wouldn't mind posting up the win/loss ratio and average winner/average loser size, it would be helpful in determining whether the wide stops you are advocating would work in real life.

    I've actually asked you 3 times in different threads but even though you seem to be around, you just happened to miss those questions, I guess. I know how busy you are, so it's no problem.

    Thanks a lot and best wishes

  8. Do you seriously think that if someone had a winning system, they would sell it on the internet? After 6 years here, you still believe this?