Brilliant presentation by Ken Reid on the 3 genetic trading types

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  1. Fantastic....and it makes sense. Wish I was aware of this 2 years ago.
  2. i hate videos and audio files, so much slower then reading....
  3. Yes but the print comes off the superman comics so easily
  4. is that a joke or an insult?
  5. Only you can decide that grasshopper
  6. i guess its supposed to be a funny insult

    not very funny, insult out of context... however one might decide im looking at it from the wrong perspective
  7. Maybe it was worth one reply... but two?... I think its time to move on
  8. Guys - I think the concept of the three trader types is really important to understand. Moreover, I don't think it's possible to generalize as Dr. Ken did about 90% of the Type 1 traders losing their accounts. I witnessed a Type 3 trader blow-up in a unforgettable fashion.
    It's really important to be able to catch oneself "freezing" or "day-dreaming" or "going into a state of confusion" while in a trade. Been there, done that....I know what he was talking about.
  9. I've seen a scalper (and he is the best I've ever seen) that normally racks up 20 grand before lunchtime and never stays in a trade longer than a few seconds hold onto a loser for 90 minutes and lose 30K so nobody is immune to the odd brain fart
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