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  1. I figured out how to capitalize on the humungous market of losing traders.

    Heres how it goes.

    I set up a website/software that lets people signup to play my stock market game.

    If they get rid of all the money in the account, they get 4 times the ammount they started with. If they make any money in the account, they get nothing and I get the profit. There is no penalty for making money, but it just makes it harder to win it all.

    There is no end to the game. Unlike trading, you never run out of capital unless you succeed at making the account go to zero. At which point, you become a winner.

    In essence, this would be like the stock market casino, and I would be the house.

    Since most traders fail to do what they set out to do, their failure in this game would result in my profit. and since the goal is actually rewarded with money, I'm sure the greeed and fear factor that affects traders would work to my advantage.

    There would be rules.

    Only buy at bid or sell at offer.
    Only one account per person, or you can pay 50 bucks for a new account.

    There are questions unanswered, like commissions, but i'm sure they could be figured out.

    any comments??????????????????????
  2. check out bassakwards
  3. .com?

    it's empty
  4. 2 timer, It really is an excellent idea. I voted. The key is buy the bid and sell the ask, no commissions.

    I went through a long losing streak and I couldn't figure out what was happening because my wins were all bigger than my losses. When I avaraged out all the trades, my average loss was exactly almost to the penny one tick to get in, one tick to get out plus commissions.

    I really like this idea. Especially the greed and fear factor. It would make a great game.