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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by onondaga, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. onondaga


    Why is Bright's Vancouver office not actually in Vancouver, but is out in the 'woods', at least an hour away?

    Who is the contact if I want to come out to check out the setup?
  2. DarynC


    I sent you the contact name and number for the Langley office.

  3. Langley, isn't that South East of Vancouver.

    Vancouver is awesome place..
  4. goes down in CANADA.

  5. specul8tor

    specul8tor Guest

    once every 32:05 minutes
  6. DarynC


    Actually, I would have to say that Redi has gone down less than 2 times in the last six months from where I am(Vancouver). Even then it's usually for a very brief time. But on the other hand we get a little more rain up here than many of our neighbors to the south. Would gladly trade a little bit of reliability for a few extra days of sunshine.
  7. Things change, just because someone had trouble with his Redi going down, there could have been a zillion reasons for it....and it may have been long ago....we are experiencing an overall excellent record for down time.

    Check previous posts about the many reasons that any system can go down on occassion....

    Thanks to Daryn for keeping things factual....

    (Yeah, Langley is beautiful, but a little drive from Vancouver, but since we are full there, people must like the location).

  8. mmmm....vancouver.....
  9. Can somebody please send me the address and phone numbers of the Vancouver office?

    I'd like to check it out.


  10. Call Rob Friesen at: 604.539.8700 to set up a time to come by.

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