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    I traded at Bright and have found this firm to be the fairest of them all out there. Only a couple of complaints/suggestions.
    1. Desk fees kill new traders accounts. Unless you have 50-100k so that these fees dont eat at you little by little, dont do it.
    They should find a way to pay for this in other ways. Maybe payout 98% or 99% and keep the rest for desk fees.
    BTW, desk fees= rent plus scan software.
    They dont keep money and there is no minimum months for desk fee as I saw posted.
    2. No training provided. The $1000 fee that you pay to learn in Vegas, not including airfare and hotel, is too much to learn basic trading skills. They need an office manager to help you through trading as they sit next to new traders. Experienced traders may do well here though, I do think RediPlus isnt the best software out there. They should change it. Why keep it? Just b/c its Spear Leeds Kellog software. Not worth it.
    If they didnt have desk fees and charged less for bullets maybe paid out less to cover desk fees and had good in-office training. I may still be there.
    But as far as firm reliability, they are top notch. No snake oil there.
    Their offices have less than a handful of traders due to their high deposit minimums ($25k) and desk fees. I am trading now with a firm that has 100+ traders, less capital required, less than 100% payout; BUT no desk fees and some training provided.:eek:
  2. Totally agree !!!
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    Just average......Nothing Special.
  4. Unless you have an insured retail account, I doubt that the firm is backed like Bright. The bottom line is when Guedo puts on a position and blows up his account along with yours, trading with less than 25 in your account will not matter. Anyone basing their move to another firm because you can trade with less capital (under 25k) is not a real player or threat to anyone but themselves until they unwind and chisel down their equity and end up interviewing as manager at the local burger joint.
    Bright is a solid company, beware of imposters and the bottom line.
  5. Are you guys going to believe a jailbird? Inmate, you write such gobbledygook that I'm given to believe the solitary life has gotten to you. Remember, you are IN JAIL FOR CONNING PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MONEY.

    How can we believe your "rating" on anything?
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    I have never heard of Bright Trading, what do they trade?
    Can I trade futures through them? Why would anyone want to trade stocks?

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    I attended BT week long seminar last year, we were told that <unless> you have a minimun of $100,000 in your trading account you cannot trade anything except equities, they were very strict on that, a few firms like GreenTree Trading and others allow you to trade any instrument you want...

    hope that helps...
  8. There are quite a few reasons to trade stocks. Reason's I hadn't considered untill I started trading minis. I will leave those reasons vague and unexplained.

    Good Day
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    A lot of people are complaining that the new Tibco version of RediPlus is pretty buggy. Does it seem strange to anyone else that Goldman Sachs still hasn't solidified RediPlus's stability after two years?
  10. Who has used the new Redi version? I trade prop with Redi + but just heard about Tibco today.
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