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    Hi all.

    For those that have previously expressed an interest, just to let you know that we have now moved in to an office near Brighton station. The environment is great, everything is new, clean, light and airy. Desks, chairs, lines (shared broadband, dedicated lines or normal phone lines are available, but extra), kitchen facilities, meeting rooms, security passes, reception etc are all provided. Parking is extra, and very limited, but the office is very close to the station and other car parks.

    You will need to provide your own PC set up, also screens. We can take 4 more people immediately (move in on 1st Feb, in practice), thereafter we can easily relocate to a bigger office in the same building if the demand is there. Those that came to the Brighton meeting or have contacted Damian, Jamie or myself previously will take priority.

    Please let me know by PM if you are interested, also for costs, or if you want to come and take a look at whats on offer.

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    Thanks to those of you that enquired. There's still space for a couple more in the Brighton City Traders office, send me a PM or email if you're interested.