Bright vs. Genesis vs. Tuco vs. xEcho ?

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  1. I would appreciate people sharing their experience related to:
    - commissions,
    - training,
    - customer support,
    - trading freedom,
    - leverage,
    and any other aspects.

    I looking to find the best commissions rate, good cust support, remote trading and obviously some some leverage.
  2. you can PM if you want.
  3. I should've included Assent as well.
  4. Bright trading is the Only choice. They are the ones that can provide you with the capital to work on strategies THAT REALY WORK!!!, like pairs, openings closing orders and the like. Comeon down Don Bright :). Trying to save you some work don.
  5. :D
  6. Bright sounds good indeed, I found some others that charge only .002 but not sure about those companies...I guess Id rather pay .004 and be at Bright perhaps or some other bigger company, just thinking outloud
  7. rates are not everything, to success. i often receive PMs regarding Echo, and I give them an idea of Echo's rates, but more importantly I talk about BUILDING a relationship with a firm - a firm that is going to likely be around for a long time. once you are in, build a track record and WHEN/IF your volume increases THEN negotiate. keep in mind, as well that remote trading and trading from an office can be very different experience with a firm per your manager(s). just thoughts, but you can not go wrong with any of the big/popular firms, IMO.
  8. What if Bob and Don Bright retire :D
  9. just spoke to Echo...most of their t4raders are remote and they don't have any offices in CA...most/all in AZ. They don't offer any training either it looks like.
  10. I would argue - training might not BE the best way to go, regardless. Exposure, to ideas and simply to see for 1 month HOW guys trade - is a great start. 1 trick ponies - often never last in this industry. Seems like EVERYONE wants TO BE GIVEN - "do A, then B and collect your money as you go by the Start" - and IF this is the training you are looking for - GOOD LUCK because the day that trading stops, you are likely to give back all the profits you made - going into work daily THINKING the strategy will work, again. And, since you did not develop the strategy yourself you are not likely to work on it and to adapt it to the unfolding market - let alone truly believe in the strategy.

    I KID YOU NOT, I have walked in to trade on a FRIDAY, and the following MONDAY - a profitable strategy STOPPED working. Just amazing HOW it happens.

    I would recommend something like Don Bright's boot camp, or a similar type of training an office might provide - solely for EXPOSURE - TO SEE a method applied - regardless IF it is profitable for how they implement the exact strategy - and start developing contacts.

    I have not attended, nor have I ever met Don BUT I can imagine he runs a tight ship, on teaching you the basics. Seeing the daily routine, and learning about HOW they approach the market would be good regardless IF you make a dime - IF you are a newbie. BUT, in the process be sure not to lose a dime - so you will teach yourself how to take a loser.

    Yes, I am sure others would disagree and give me grief for recommending learning a strategy that for most does not work. But I think TRAINING should be about exposure, discipline, and consistency. And, your training should be about stats. So far, every successful trader I know has a database of their daily trading - almost to the point of obsession.

    Just a few thoughts.
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