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  1. I have considered training from Bright.

    Is there anyone here *who has attended* their training who can make any comments?

    - has it improved their trading?

    - are the techniques effective in this market?

    - was it worth the money?

    For whatever reason, it seems that Bright is a volitile topic. I am just trying to approach this with an open mind, and open to any constructive comments, pro or con.
  2. there are several threads on this topic already.try search function.
  3. I have looked at threads dealing with Bright trading, but my question is more narrowly focused on those who have taken their training class
  4. I took it, and got more than my money's worth.

    I think where you are now as a trader,
    would define what you get out of the class.

    It's geared towards the layman as well as pro,
    and that may be it's weakness.

    If you aren't profitable now (don't have an edge)
    the class would definitely be worthwhile.
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    This thread dealt with the exact question you pose:

    I didn't find the training of any use at all. But if you don't know very much about trading, you might get some value out of it.

    They might have - I hope they have - changed the program so that there's less pumping of the virtues of joining Bright and more actual training taking place. Then again, from what I've seen of the Brights, I seriously doubt it.
  6. Thanks, I took a look at it and value your comments, because you actually attended the training.

    But that thread contained *41 pages* of comments, most of whom *had never even attended the course*, but felt they had to weigh in and evaluate other peoples comments, because the reader might not be able to make judgements for themselves.

    I just wanted a fresh thread on the topic, limited to people *who have actually attended" the training, like yourself. If people who attended make unreasonable comments, I can figure that out.
  7. I called a local office of Bright since I started this thread, and have contacted the Vegas office in the past, asking about the training.

    Both times was told to "GO TO THE WEBSITE!", (which does not say much, and I had already looked at it - needed more information)

    Very tight lipped about what goes on - I suppose there is some need to keep some aspects confidential, but it is a costly endevour to dedicate a week, plus tuition and expenses to attend.

    Their attitude seems to be "we cant trust you, so you have to trust us blind"
  8. Don't ask them about the secret handshake...they really get paranoid on that one.
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    I wrote a day by day detailed description of Brights week long training that <I> attended back in June, search the site for my post's or under my handle: mrktwiz

    It would give you 1 persons opinion of the training

    Hope it helps you.

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