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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Well, since the market is closed, it seems that more traders than me are a little bored.... but, thanks for the post.

    The website is actually: (but you knew that).


  2. What happened to my original post??

    Anyways, how do you guys select your interns anyway? I might be looking for one this summer.
  3. Hey, I don't know... I clicked when I saw the thread...saw that you posted up ET as my website (I'm sure in good fun)... as I said...more traders than just me bored today...LOL

    Call me directly about intern positions. Most are via our college (course credit) programs... and the Corporate interns are selected by yours truly.

  4. Don I thought you would be jetting off to Tuscany on a beautiful long weekend like this ...with all your dough :D
  5. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    He doesn't need Tusacany when He's got Paris, Venice, NYC all on the same street in Vegas!
  6. wife is in Marin County (CA) for an event... I am "dog-sitting" at home...and joining the family for 12 year old Stevie's (nephew) birthday party....

    Heading off for a surfing trip on Wednesday, with my son.... SoCal and Baja...3 days off from the market....that's about all I can get away with these days...LOL

  7. Yo Don, what's up with that new logo man? Looks it stands for "Bright Telecommunications" more than "Bright Trading". Did you guys hire the same marketing wizzes that changed "PoinDirex" to "Xoooom Trade"?
  8. We have had this logo for about 5 years....And, it is the only logo that we ever had.

    (Maybe not the best, but it's all we got) LOL

  9. wow don im impressed!

    you run a firm and you surf...
    I may come knocking at your door looking for a position as a portfolio manager, "me and the boss are taking's 6 ft and glassy be back by last hour of trading"
    ooooo 1 can dream!

  10. Don,

    All the way from Huntington Beach to the Bright family Baja hangout?? ...Been practicing your pop-ups?

    When you hit WindanSea near your La Jolla office, give Murf a wave for me.

    Just a heads up - Another San Diego area trading office has just hung out a
    No Doughnuts this Wed, Thur, Fri sign....

    A little farther south, always like to eat (when visiting) at The Green Flash on Pacific Beach. Good people, food, and plenty to watch from the patio right there on the boardwalk. If interested, give 'em a call to be sure they've got the sunset dinner special going this week.

    Good surfing to you both!
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