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  1. I stand corrected - as I said it before I traded prop 10+ years ago.
    It is quite possible that there are plenty of good firms with support now and some more as IT talent is cheap and bountiful now. Why not name your firm to give them some pat on a back and PR?
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    Wow..................Look what I started by asking for some feedback on Bright. I'm going to Vegas at the end of this month for the training. I really hope Bright is not as bad as this thread is portraying them. I was very impressed with the local office in Cherry Hill. The manager is a former floor trader and really seems to bring a lot to the office. The thing that I'm concerned about the most is the bad comments about tech support and traders losing money because of it. I'm sure being profitable is hard enough already without the tech problems. :eek:
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  3. Once again, outdated information. We switched from First Options when GS took over SLK, so all the support is handled in NYC. And we have hired directly from the Redi desk, and we keep ahead of the game. If we really needed all that "back up" we'd have it...simple as that. We have problems at times, just like everyone else, but not often, and not seious.

    Some of you simply don't seem to understand that it is a bit different when you have 42 offices and 700 traders (or so), than when you have a dozen locations or something.

    We have to constantly upgrade the connectivity, like we are now (again), to keep up with the growth. Our trading styles are not as frenetic as some firms, but overall our traders do great.

    We have checked out other software packages, and haven't really found anything significantly better enough to bother with a company wide change.

    We may decide to offer alternatives to Redi as an option. We've been checking into that over the last few months.

    Anyway, I'll get to some of the other posts a bit later.....

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  4. One thing you might want to consider is that Bright from what I understand doesn't allow most traders to access the internet over there computers at branch offices. They say it bogs down their network and makes redi+ even slower. Atleast that is what they used to say. Now I can understand not letting everyone run KAZZA or some napster thing but personally I don't like to trade without a chat room open and the ability to instant message and check or some other news site several times a day.

    Maybe tapereaders don't need the internet but a lot of us like and rely on instant messenger, chat rooms, and the ability to read email or look at or realmoney every once in a while.

    If doing that slows down the network that much, maybe it's time to upgrade the network instead of limit the information flow that many traders need to suceed.
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  5. Most of our traders who want internet, have it. Things progress, as in all things.

    The success of the firm speaks for itself, and I have yet to see anyone come up to the plate with "real" numbers about that (except me), invite your firms to post some reality, if they want to.

    As for those who like to babble on with negatives, and personal insults, it just makes me smile a bit.....

    And to those who think this is a "great advertising" venture, give me a break, this is (ET) is like running into all of your Ex-Wives at one dinner party....what a nightmare. :)

    I'm sure all the serious people out there will take the time to make a rational decision about where they want to trade.


    Thanks to all the supporers, have no fear, we'll be fine, and continue to grow.
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    do you charge for internet??? if you don't, wouldn't all your traders want access???

    what software pkg's are you considering??? i hear trac data has an updated dos version. (jk)

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    I Bright's defence I traded in The vegas Office for 2 month before going remote (with Bright). There was only one network problem that I recall that lasted a few minutes, it happens to all computer systems everywhere, at some point.

    I was to busy trading to fool around on the internet all day. So It was'nt an issue for me But I was available to me in the office at any time and I did use it every morning and during the day to check news, email,etc etc.

    Redi is fine never had any problems with it there or as a remote.

    traing is good and getting better, Don even takes time to email me with any question on trading I have, even though he spends all day on elite defending himself.:p
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  8. Bryan, there is no charge for internet for those who want it. We've always had it in every office, now we simply let them have it on their Redi or on a DSL.

    First Alert is fine for those who want more. Our own proprietary stuff is better than most that we've seen (programs for enveloping, etc.).

    We don't have to worry about Specialist charges (the 5 minute charge)....we continue to improve (I admit that it sometimes takes longer than we would like, but again, size matters)...:)

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    I dont want to be accused of being a testimonial. So anyone who wants to know where I trade can PM me anytime.
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  10. LA ECHO

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    Although in my case it may be obvious.:)
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