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  1. Bryan,
    as far as scalping remote, Im curious to know what kind of connection do you use? what speed does your internet run at? and what kind of backup do you use? thanks, OTL
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  2. GHJ


    He gets paid for recruiting traders to Bright. That is why he is here addition to his "sincere interest in helping..."
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  3. GHJ


    That's because Watcher software has so little functionality!!!

    It's about as thin a thin client as you can get. I'm suprised it lets you open more than one level II window at a time!
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  4. hey GHJ, what was the name of that software you LIKED? there IS one isn't there?
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  5. It's about feature-filled as any DAT software I've used before. All it really lacks is real candlestick charting and filters, and hey, that's what FirstAlert is for. Why bog down your primary trading software with features that something like FirstAlert does SO much better?

    We're using Watcher XDT, which is a different monster than the old Watcher that all the daytrading firms used back in 1998.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), there are no demos, no screenshots, no examples of Watcher XDT out there for the public since it's pretty much done in-house at Heartland.
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  6. Momo how is supermontage going to affect what you guys at Heartland do as Heartland seems to be the focused largely on Nasdaq.

    Won't SM make it tougher to find out which market makers are big buyers or sellers in the stocks you are watching or am I mistaken.

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  7. Bryan Roberts

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    i have used cable and dsl at different times...i would have no problems going back to these as long as i have both. right now i use a shared T-1 with no back up. the speeds vary but all are or were consistently over 1000 kbps.
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  8. Avalanche,

    Yes, Heartland is largely focused on Nasdaq stocks, but believe it or not, I actually just started trading NYSE stocks a few weeks ago. I'm moving more towards a position trading/technical analysis trading style with the listed stocks. Tired of all the games and scalping that's involved in Nasdaq stocks. Plenty of people at Heartland trade listed and the ETFs as well. Basically, I don't have an answer for you in regards to Supermontage, but the managers here think that the effects on trading will be minimal.
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  9. Magna

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    Hey Guys,

    The name of the thread is Bright Trading so let's keep posts on that subject. If you would like to discuss another prop firm, or software from another prop firm, please start another thread. Thanks.
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  10. MPR


    I cant resist either....I even joined the website to chime in on this one.

    First Op has a great tech desk. Great telephone policy too. I think its: If REDI goes one answers any phones.
    Back up systems in place? Sure, REDI over the net. (Brilliant)
    Tech at BT? yeah right. The secretary? Don? With 600 or so traders all wanting to get out of positions or get statuses at the same time, even if they(Don,Eddie,Bob,whoever) did act as tech support it would be a futile act.

    I am certain that anyone that has ever traded at Bright knows this one little fact all too well.

    Sour grapes? hell yes, not being able to get out of a trade or get a report back on a fill or cxl. in a fast mkt condition with REDI on its daily blink cost me enough to make that my last day of trading at that jokester shop.

    Now I trade in an office with not only back up connectivity but 2 back up platforms. If something goes down 2 seconds after a surprise rate cut (or whatever) I know I can get an order to NY or wherever I want it to go within seconds. That is is the sort of thing that has become most important to me after my BT experience.

    MPR- Not an alias, just an acronym.

    Let there be no misunderstanding, I AM a disgruntled X-Bright trader.:p
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