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  1. OK, "nothing personal" Hmm... Now that I have a frame of reference, and realize that the time you're referring to is years ago...and, yes, I was returning to the business, and had not traded the QQQ's at that point (we've been in our new building for several years now. I freely admit that it took me a while to get back up to speed after being off the trading floor for 5 years.....

    Sure we had the "good stuff" of the time, but like every successful business, we kept pace or ahead of pace with a solid business model. I did, like I wish every trader would do, all the homework, traded tens of millions of shares, listened to the true experts, and was able to get back on my game in a short time.

    As my next article in the magazine says: "adapt or die" and I firmly believe that we must work hard to stay ahead of the game.

    My ego is well intact, and always has been, so I have no problem admitting that I can always learn something new. Sometimes it's just the specifics of existing strategies, sometimes it's catching up with new technology....

    My sincere desire to help others has helped me progress to a level that I may appear "overly confident' ...but at the same time, I do my best to back up what I say with real results.

    No hard feelings, I'm glad that you're doing well, and feel free to stop by Vegas again to say hi! Heck, I'll buy you dinner and we can chat about Elite Trader, the business, and how things continue to change!!


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  2. Why does Don get such a bad rap on here? I've seen a lot of his posts and he seems to take a lot of time out to help people on Elite. Surely he isn't getting paid to do so.

    Is it the fact that he just happens to be successful at what he does -- so that means he is fodder for getting bashed?

    Everyone should get a fair shake in this world and if you're the kind of person who's going to let someone else's opinion easily sway you, then you might not have the mentality it takes to trade in the first place.

    Don takes a lot of heat but I don't see any reason why he should.
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  3. technology. Hmm... But I wager a dollar for a doughnut that all prop firms have shortage in the tech support arena and if things break you are SOL!
    Everywhere - capici?
    ..and that is the reason I trade index funds and only trade long term. I would trade futures if I could trade in the chicago board of trade or in the Merc [upstairs] like so many futures traders.
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  4. Bryan Roberts

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    that statement may have been true in the past as far as lack of tech support, but i can confidently say my firm has awesome tech support and i feel very comfortable scalping remote.
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  5. I had ISDN for a year and tech support from Pac Bell SUCKED!!
    So I am hazy on how your or any firm will differ...if you are a remote trader....
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  6. absolute truth ?

    I'm sorry...but that's just a bunch of sour grapes
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  7. is you a Republican?
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  8. Ok Don fine.

    But when YOU characterize MY posts as "stupid remarks" and then make some asinine comment about my handle, then you should expect someone like me hitting you in the face with a dose of reality. Namely, that you were a chump-on-wheels when I saw you.

    I am a new participant this board, Weasel asked a legitimate question about you guys to start this thread, I then gave him a legitimate response to answer him. If he had wanted to talk to you he probably would have asked you. It appears as though you are not too hard to find on this board, in fact you seem to be ubiquitous. Which in case no one has told you yet is quite embarrassing.

    Why you felt the need to respond to my post is your own personal Idaho. If your ego requires that you to accost others in a legitimate thread that happens to speak the truth about your "pitch about bright" then you are still exactly the way I remember you.

    Here’s moral of the story in case it has eluded you and others:

    On a relatively anonymous message board don’t run your mouth to someone unless you know exactly to whom you speak. It could turn around and bite you in the ass.

    But you can rest assured that this will be the last post I make with regard to Bright Trading. Now that I’ve been a member here for three or four days, I’ve had a chance to go back over some of the previous threads. It seems as though I need not have to make my point about Bright Trading. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of other posts from smart guys that have made the case long before I arrived.

    My Bright experience was relatively short (about a year and a half) and it is rather a non-event in my trading background, but you should really watch who it is that you insult on a board such as this. To assume too much about others is always a mistake.

    And thanks, I might just take you up on your dinner offer. But we must go to "Napa" over at the Rio or the "808" at Caesars or Del Frisco’s or something like that. None of this 2-for-1 buffet crap. Come man have some class, step up and live a little, yes? :)

    Dr. Zhivodka
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  9. mrktwiz


    RE> But you can rest assured that this will be the last post I make with regard to Bright Trading

    We can only hope....

    btw many of the remarks made in your post's Dr. are dated (and completely wrong)....especially desk fees, and technical support. One of my close friends is trading with Don right now in LV, and I talk to him weekly, and a lot of your comments are just plain untruthful, just to set the record straight...

    Good trading all, and some of us really appreciate Don's efforts to help the newer traders, answer questions here on ET, etc... I'm one of them....

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  10. jeffgus


    I have heard from numerous different floor traders that knew the Bright Brothers, they referred to them as Bob Bright and Not-So Bright (Don).

    The Dr.'s (funny as hell) comments are exactly the same feeling that I had after trading with 2 Bright offices in California. One in a strip mall and the other in a outdated early 90's trading floor in SF. The managers at each location were great guys.....and is the reason Bright has Traders......Don is a guy who rides the coat tail of his brother.

    Over a period of one week, last year.......the price/data server (First Alert) went down....They have no back up quotes and would not even rebate our seat fee for the week they were down. There tech guy "Eddie" flies around in his own single engine plane fixing their out-of-date systems. I had my own personal Qcharts account and was the only trader able to trade.

    Don is very active and helpful on this board......because it is free advertisement for his firm. Do good firms really need to advertise? Well....when you have a turnover of traders that Bright do.

    Good luck with the office search.........I would stay away from Bright and also Worldco.:D
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