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    Anyone care to share their experience trading at a Bright Office? I'm considering joining one of their offices and had some concern over the negative comments in the "Broker Rating" section of this website. :confused:
  2. You need to go to that particular office and OBSERVE. You would be suprised how differrent each office is w/ the atmosphere generally dependent on the manager as well as the top 2 or 3 traders. See how they are during the day. Don't believe the brokerage reviews too much since it could've been put up by competitors or even disgruntled ex traders. Best of luck
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    I'm a newbie at Bright in Las Vegas. My major regret is that I didn't start trading here years ago. The pool of talent here, and by extension in the other Bright offices is quite remarkable. The opportunities afforded me to grow and progress into a profitable trader are numerous. I would recommend trading at Bright to anyone who has a passion for trading and is willing to work hard.
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    If you are in Columbus Ohio, call me at (614) 641-4700 and I'll be happy to show you Bright's new Columbus office.
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    Sorry, post wrong phone number above. The number is (614) 471-6700 for Bright's Columbus office.
  6. lol. what are the chances of him being in Columbus! :D
  7. Torres del Paine National Park (on the southern tip of Chile, South America), give me a buzz. I'd be happy to show you around.

    (I thought the Columbus post was pretty funny too)!
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    Are you serious?

  9. First let me say that gaining or losing one additional trader is not going to make the least bit of difference to Bright. So in light of that statement, here's the truth:

    1) They have a substandard bulky war-pig of an execution platform

    2) Their communication lines and data feed lines are a joke.

    3) They have NO tech support. And I mean that literally.

    4) Their fees, specifically the "haircut" charges are exorbitant as compared to other firms

    5) They make a big deal out of their so-called "Low Commission" and no ticket charges. Though it seems to have escaped them that ticket charges went out in '98 and if you do any sort of volume at all you can find similar per share charges elsewhere.

    That 's just off the top of my head. However, if you're new to the business and have never traded anywhere else before you won't know the difference and Bright will be fine.

    To be fair to all involved, the best thing I can say about Bright is that it’s better to be from there than actually there.

    I can assure you this not the product of "sour grapes." Further, I don't really expect that you will be swayed by my review but you will soon see that I speak the truth.

    Dr. Zhivodka
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    RE> I would recommend trading at Bright to anyone who has a passion for trading and is willing to work hard.

    JB hows it going bro? Talked ew/ shortseller on ET chat last 2 days says your making big chinga's and gonna "Rule the friggen Markets" soon....hey I might have s reall good job soon, then I can come to LV and party w/ you....Bright's a fgood shop been in 3 of their office in 2 states...all were well run and good operations...

    Take care JB!!!

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