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    I tried to rate BT on this website, but since it is allowed only for senior member I will express myself in this thread.
    For all professional traders that is the place to be. I haven’t seen more helpful and traders-oriented management and I have visited Assent, Sonic, ETG, HB.
  2. C'mon Don, no need for an alias! :p
  3. seisan



    Do you trade at your home office, or a BT office?

    Any more specifics you'd like to lay out on the table?


    "For all professional traders that is the place to be."

    Hahahahahahaha Hehehehehehehe.:D :D :D
  5. I second this. I worked there for a year. Very professional. Many of the guys had been trading a decade or more (San Francisco office).

  6. beshbola


    to Seisam: I am in a process of choosing. I haven't started trading with them yet. Any suggestions?

    to VOLUME: If you have nothing else to say except for HEHEHE, than you will be better off just being silent, you will look smarter. If you have any objections, please, post them. I believe the purpose of this site is to give every trader an opportunity to hear what others say. I stated my opinion. You are welcome to disagree.
  7. You wanted to rate them but "haven't started trading with them yet".

    However, you feel that "For all professional traders that is the place to be."


    Are you one of those guys that said the last Matrix movie was going to be the best ever while you were still in line getting your tickets?


    Do us a favor, don't review something till you have seen the actual movie, not just the preview....i.e. have a little more experience with it. Or to put it another way, if you feel strongly enough about your experience there, provide some color as to why, beyond, "they were helpful".

    I mean did you spend a week at an office, or just a day, what was your experience in more specific terms. Thanks.

  8. I've been trading with Bright for several years and I think I'm very fortunate to be associated with them. They are very honest, professional and are eager to help when you need it.
  9. seisan


    Geez, beshbola, if you've checked out five professional trading firms and have that opinion of Bright Trading -
    as many of us do - then you better be in a Vegas hotel room tonight getting your card-playing self ready for Don's final 2003 Boot Camp which starts at 6 A.M., PDT, tomorrow!

    If not, send him a PM immediately, ask if he's got space
    for one more new trader this year, and go from there -
    no time to waste!

    If you are not S-7 and S-63 licensed yet, you've got the perfect chance to start with BT now under Bright Securities, study for and pass the exams before the end of the year - all while completing your initial training and trading, and then be trading with them professionally under Bright Trading on January 1st.

    If you're serious about pro trading, and it appears that
    you are, then the immediate action you need to take is
    a no-brainer - just do it - now.

    See you there - this week.
  10. Dogen3


    For those of you at Bright, what do you think a reasonable amount of start up capital would be (including living expenses). I am an experienced trader in my own accounts (w/ series 7, 8, 63 in hand) and have a strong knowledge of trading systems, risk management and technical analysis, but,... but I have never 'traded for a living'.
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