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  1. Does anyone know what the trading platform with Bright is like? How is the reliability of the remote trading connection? Does the trading software have bracketing? Does any prop software have the bracketing feature?
  2. i have never heard anything bad about their platform i imagaine its good.
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    What is the bracketing feature?
  4. Bracketing is where you pre-configure the software to send a stop and target at a specified distance from the fill price. I used it with Ninja and it makes for convenient trading.
  5. We use RediPlus from Goldman Sachs. The platform is constantly improving.

    As far as additional software, we have dozens of specific applications that our trader/programmers have written for it. For example:

    You can see some demo's at:

    and at:

    We just had demonstrations of the latest "stuff" at our Annual tools as they say, LOL.

    We can connect via basic Internet or up to FIX if needed.

  6. That link you gave to redi, bright, doesn't say anything about the features, it's basically useless.
  7. It was just for reference. Here is a link to video demo's and set up. Not the very latest, but will give you an idea.

    Trading software is pretty much a commodity these days. Most is good, and as long as the support is there for constant updates, we're pretty happy.

    Since many of us write to the API, we can pretty much develop anything we like.


  8. Hey, thanks for all the information on this :cool:
  9. Greatful! :)
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    You will be disappoint. The true is Redi doesn't have bracketing or anything close to it and you will have to pay extra for excel programs designed for Redi. Glad to see I'm not the only one who likes bracketing.
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