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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by DaveN, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. DaveN


    Hi Don.

    I was very happy to see an announcement on a local mail list that you will be coming to Denver in the very near future. The information that I have says you will be doing a two hour session during the week (a freebie) plus the weekend course to follow.

    The message states
    "For the first time, this special workshop will demonstrate highly advanced intraday volatility trading setups and executions based on Bright’s own proprietary charting methods. This has only been presented to Firm Traders in recent months."

    Can you elaborate on this? Will it be Opening Orders or trading techniques post opening?

    Thanks for any additional info. I'm looking forward to those sessions!
  2. Speculator1929

    Speculator1929 Guest

    Any word yet Don?
  3. We are hosting a special presentation for a couple of advanced trading groups on Wednesday the 21st. We will be going into detail about intraday volatility setups ("Bright Bands" if you will), that we have been working on with our more advanced traders.

    The full event on Saturday will include the above, openings (automation), new MOC tactics, post opening sector plays, and a lot of time will be dedicated to tape reading.

    Hope to see you all there on Saturday...

    Send me a PM for a special "ET" price....

  4. mrktwiz


    bringing this event to the Bay Area or at least California with the "advaced trading" techniques anytime in the future?

    Would love to attend if possible.

    Good trading all.....

  5. As you probably know, you're welcome to return for come on back over when you's so much easier to help people when we have all of our "tools" handy in the office.....

  6. Just letting you all know that my brother and I will be in Denver on August 24th...hope to see some of you there....

  7. mrktwiz


    but I always loose when I go to ...I'm not like you and your older,wiser and better looking brother who happens to be the best "blackjack" player I've ever had the pleaseure ofplaying with.......hmmmmm .....maybe thats how I can raise my trading

    Thanks Don I may take you up on the "free" return to your LV for further training.

    Good trading all.....

    Don did you see that monumental post slamming your week long seminar, man I had a totally OPPOSITE experience, interesting how different people can experience the same week long class and have such a different experience...although sometime Earl does ramble a little...

  8. Hope to see you back some day soon....remember, on Thursday nights we cover "blackjack theory" and basic strategy.....augment your income...