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    Looking for a firm to trade equities through. Does anyone know how much the minimum amount is to trade with Bright?

    Also curious what type of BP you receive?

    They also say on their website that you can trade firm's capital but if you are funding your account then how do you get to trade firm's capital.

    thanks for all future responses
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    Don monitors these threads, but why not just call them directly. What they offer you might not be the same. Also, they might not offer you a deal at all.

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    That's an understatement. :)
  4. When you join a registered prop firm you become a "member" of that firm, which allows you to trade the firm's capital.

    By "funding" you are placing a capital contribution with the firm in order to use buying power, which will exceed the bp you get at a retail firm, which is capped by PTD rules at 4 to 1 (unless you have portfolio margin).

    That capital you place is "locked up" for a year, as with all registered prop firms these days.

    The prop firm makes a mark up on commissions, and if you lose money, it gets deducted from YOUR capital that you put up, not theirs, so the prop firm isn't really "funding" you, they're just giving you a piece of their buying power.
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  6. Just call or email me. We'll be having a free open house workshop type of thing online real soon, and I'll be happy to include you.

    Mid trading day: 702.739.1393 or