Bright Trading Las Vegas Christmas Party

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by thetraderprofit, Dec 18, 2003.

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  1. We hear Bright is not having a Christmas Party and I am speculating they are using the money to fund Baccarat playing at Paris Hotel. Where are the comps? Show us the love! I can get 2 for 1 coupons somewhere!

    I guess Bright's rates are so low times are tough.

    Maybe....... the 77 cent breakfast at Ellis Island Casino has rallied to $1.77 and Bob is outraged to pay such an increase. Imean, the tip alone would be 23 cents.

    What about a joint party at your caretaker's residence?
  2. reg


    You might want to double check your sources.
    Bright's Christmas party will actually be held at Morton's Steakhouse and every Bright trader and their whole family are invited. This is supposed to be a secret but I am letting the cat out of the bag this time to dispel the vicious rumors that you are spreading.
    There will also be an award ceremony - Earl will be receiving the Bright Lifetime Achievement Award. This for me is something to be cherished since Bob Bright does not hand out this award every year, unlike the Nobel Prize.
    Again, check your facts (preferably with Don) before posting it on ET.
    BTW, Bob DOES NOT go to Ellis Island for their 77 cent breakfast.
    He goes to Carrow's for their $2.99 POWER BRAKFAST.
    I know since I had eaten this same meal (on Maryland Pkwy) with him.
  3. burnin


    damn they got some big ass baked potatoes at Mortons, good for the brights! hey don, question... will the specialist be in business in 2006?
  4. ler


    they don't eat potatoes
  5. reg


    Your're right, they don't - but they will force their traders to eat them since that is the least expensive item on the menu.
  6. What's the matter, are all of the Andover/Assent/ boys lonely this Christmas....broke and disheartened?....sorry to hear that... Maybe you should try pandering at the Salvation Army, or better yet, spend some more of your traders money in Costa Rica or the Netherlands.... (we prefer to let the traders keep their money, rather than spend it for them).....

    You declined our last offer for Dinner, we're pouting!

    Besides, B, you're supposed to be Jewish!!

    Hope you make it through the Holidays without having to call a Hotline of some sort....LOL

    your pal,

  7. Probably not the Same specialists (as it looks now...LOL)... I think the system will be alive and well, with some modifications (for the better) I hope.

    Don (not missing too many meals here)...

  8. Yeah, me too reg. Nice, ain't it? Same Carrow's near Maryland and Tropicana, right? Yeah, that's the one. Shoulda seen Don dig into those bread rolls. Remember that big bull market in wheat last year? There's your reason.

    And the Bright Lifetime Achievement Award - that is Big. I'm going away soon. Can someone tape it for me when it comes on TV? Thanks.
  9. It would be a call to rescue your trading
  10. Spending Traders Money. How humorous. All the money I have I made when the commish was 1 cent per share at Bright. I guess you are planning to rebate all those excess commisions and phantom interest so I can afford to travel
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