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  1. I know the answer has probably already been given, but I couldn't find it when I did a search as there were many results.

    Don, does Bright let you trade eminis? Thanks.
  2. We allow seasoned traders to trade the emini's with a pretty solid account balance ($50K+). Very few have ever asked to trade the es over the years however.

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    I am curious why that would be the case. I personally highly prefer the ES over individual stocks.

  4. Many of our strategies take advantage of collecting interest on short stock sales $$, and tend to be market neutral vs. intraday directional trading (although many do trade direction, long term and short term). Our success rate for stocks vs. futures is much better (albeit a small sampling of maybe 60 or 70 traders who asked to trade e's and quit when they lost their pre-determined stop loss $$).

    It's not a battle over which is "better" - more of what type of trader you are. We get many ex-futures traders, and I'm sure some of our guys have gone to more futures oriented firms. To each his own.

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  5. i see times they are a changing..

    one day dependable, profitable, completely automated e-mini sp trading systems will exist also.. that will out perform any human trader around the clock. a virtual money machine.

    the real mark brown
  6. Be careful what you wish for, as they say. The market has to have unreliable, arbitrary, directional guessing from a large segment to even have a market in the first place...otherwise there is nothing to exploit.

    The real Don Bright, LOL :)
  7. I'm trying to imagine a "black-box" controlled market, without any human emotion. It would seem there would be no price movement whatsoever. Maybe I need to worry about other things!
  8. Machines are only as good as the programs that they run. Programs written by humans. What was your point again?
  9. As the automated programs get better, it could turn out to be "computer vs. computer for 1 tick"... fastest gun wins.
  10. I imagine that's the stuff of FCMs' dreams.
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