Bright Trading Cost Structure

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by NJTrader, Feb 1, 2002.

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    I was reading one of Bright Trading's brochures. In the brochure it stated "The standard plan allows the trader to only risk $25,000 of their own capital. There are other plans available, and internships are offered" Does anyone know what the other plans are to trade with Bright? Or does it just sound good for the brochure.
  2. I thought I had already covered this, but am glad to comment again. We have internship programs at around a dozen universities wherein those who take part are eligible for a lower cash entry into the firm. We have also made exceptions for others, who for some reason, don't have the full capital requirement. We take some "low cash" traders in our corporate office so we can "nurture" them into good traders (hopefully). We are not big fans of the "employee" trader business model since it is normally not good for the trader, and if the trader does well, then he leaves for a firm like ours....but we have made a few deals with promising traders for a short term "profit split."