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    Hi Don,

    I just read the piece on Eddie Franco in this month's AOPA Pilot magazine. Very nicely done! I must say, you guys travel in style. I've spent many an overnight parked at Executive Air there in Las Vegas while "enjoying the sights and games of LAS." With all the traveling the three of you must do, I'm sure it's very convenient to just leave when you want and fly exactly where you want. Like a trader at a cocktail party talking with investors and their investment advisors, you know but nobody else is able to understand: it's just way more fun when you do it yourself!

    I caught your radio show yesterday (via the internet for us Northern Coloradoans... :( ), and I had a question I wanted to ask about. A caller was asking about pivots and support/resistance. You answered fairly quickly about drawing a Gann Fan and using some of the rays intersection with... and frankly I missed the rest. Would you be kind enough to cover that again?

    I realize the danger that you highlighted about traders now using more sophisticated methods, but I thought it would be instructive to understand how it used to be done.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    Dave Nadeau
    Fort Collins, CO
  2. Hey Dave,

    How can I catch Don's show on the net? What's the URL? Can I download it, or do you have to listen live?

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    Go here at noon PDT:
    It's a live show.
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    Someone PM'ed me asking about the article, but I wasn't able to respond because that person's mailbox was full.

    In the July 2002 issue of AOPA Pilot, the article on Eddie Franco is on page 154 under the Pilots section. Each month the magazine features a different pilot and talks about their life, their flying, and how they use their airplane(s).

    There's an AOPA Online section,, but you may have to be a member to access the online portion of the magazine. At any rate, the article is not online, as it appears they run only the main articles and flight tests.

    The article talks about Eddie's current and past flying over a 30 year span, the airplanes he's owned and flown, as well as his various businesses and jobs (Bob Bright's blackjack partner) that led him to Bright Trading. His current aircraft, a 1997 Piper Malibu Mirage is one sweet airplane.
  5. Thanks for the comments. Just for the record, my brother and I fly economy class most of the time....Eddie is in the air so much, that it makes sense for him to fly himself....he tries to hit all the offices every year, a pretty daunting task!
    We use "the numbers" from the tradng floor for the S&P's. Rather than getting into "fans" I will just give you today's numbers.

    Resistance = 1009
    Projected high = 1000
    Pivot = 993
    Projected low= 983
    Support = 977

    You can imagine how the fan would look if you drew it. Sort of "gann like"..

    Keep listening to the show, and call up to chat!!

    To everyone else who may be interested, you can go to our website to click on the show at Noon Pacific.

  6. DaveN


    Hi Don,

    Those values match up with the floor pivots I'd calculate using

    Pivot= (H+L+C)/3
    Pivot1UP= Pivot + (Pivot-Low)
    Pivot2UP= Pivot + (High-Low)

    Are we arriving at the same numbers using different methods? :confused:

    It would be interesting if there's another way to do this using Gann Fans....

    Thanks for the info, Don!
  7. You have the right calculation. I use the "gann fan" -like ...for visualization on the Radio. We get the same numbers from the CME floor every day, and simply transmit the numbers to the offices each morning (saves having to do the calculations oursselves!).