Bright traders please step up

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by SWScapital, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. I have one foot out the door of my current place of business and am in the process of deciding to go pro full time. My retail account has been in the green for 2 years and I feel its time to step it up.

    I have a few questions for anybody that swing trades at Bright. Sure I could go to the source but I want to hear from actual Bright traders before I hear the sales pitch.

    1- deposit amount to get 500k in overnight BP? I understand a prop firm may have hesitations about giving so much overnight but assume I am experienced and would never risk a blowout by having to much equity in one pos. NEVER > 5%..EVER. I would be willing to sign an agreement stating such.

    2- margin rates?

    3-generally speaking what kind of handcuffs do they put on swing traders? pos size, sector exposure..etc

    4- soft dollars?/commission recapture? I only need level 1 with order entry and position monitor..would Bright be open to accelerated comm to pay for my outside software?

    Rates don't concern me. I have paid .05 in the past to get what I need and I don't play for nickels...POINTS BABY!

    I understand that everything in this biz is negotiable. Just looking for some general feedback regarding Bright Trading. Thanks and feel free to PM me.

    3,7,24,55,63,65 licensed already[edit- I am in the biz already..just not a pro trader]