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    Has anyone on the board been through the Bright Trade Boot Camp? If so, what are your thoughts.
  2. THe best time to be in Bright boot camp is early May. When I went there once everyone wore leisuresuits. I love the Reno area. It's great. The bunny ranch on saturday is the best. Best to get there real early and leave fast.
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    I attended the 3-day course, Boot Camp and Advanced Course.

    Here are the key points I remember:

    3-Day Course - There are 7 criteria and you need to line up the criterias before you make a trade. Also watched Don trade the openings. Bob talked about using the VIX.

    Boot Camp - Lots of people who have no experience with a computer trying to learn to trade. Don explaining how Open Orders work and how to calculate the envelopes for each stock using the fair value. Students asked for other stategies, Don suggested to envelope the stocks for trade-throughs to scalp for pennies. Got the Excel Spreadsheets for Redi and traded the pairs with only 100 shares a each.

    Rob from PairCo gave a Pair Trading presentation from speakerphone on Pairs Trading. Everyone got to sit with Bob Jr and Ally for a day and watch them execute about 4 trades each in 6 1/2 hours market day. They scalp for 3-4 cents on 2000-3000 shares. Ally only Trades GE around his core position and never sells any buy at a loss because he'll just hold on until it comes back.

    Side Note : A lot of the students were shocked at Boot Camp when they saw they were charged $400 for desk fee and 1.25 cents a share + sec fees. I heard they improved boot camp to have more pairs trading from newer students.

    Advanced Course - Cash complained that the opening orders aren't working as well as before. Everyone asking where the easy money is now. Darren talks about pair openings to making money. More talks about Pair Trading to make money now in current low volatility conditions. Darren would prefer predicability over volatility because he'll just use more size.

    I kept in touch with some of the previous students but now trade Retail since I don't need the leverage.
    Feel free to PM if there is any specific questions you would like to ask.
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    old school, paper & pencil...thanks!
  5. Ouch, break out the vaseline!

    Now I may not be a math genius, but even I can see that you can't make money with that trading objective and crazy fee structure!
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    Do you feel the training you got at Bright was worthwhile even though you trade on your own now?
  7. man 1.25 cents thats rates of 7 years ago
  8. ummmmmm.............. did they not ask these questions before they signed up?
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    Hey, somebody has to pay for the FREE caviar and Veuve Clicquot @ The Bright cocktail parties at The Trader's Expo in Vegas! I think I may have seen a "Bright" room at the Bunny Ranch last year.
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    Doesn't Don visit this forum?
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