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    Those of you that have experienced both firms, I was wondering which one is better for a trader with limited experience, but highly passionate and motivated to be a successful trader.

    I know that Bright Trade requires a security deposit and Orbixa does not. And from reading the forums, Orbixa doesn’t allow overnight positions, and will only give you 10k to start off with a $10/day stop-loss.

    I am located in Vancouver, Canada and cannot find any info on these firms except from previous threads posted on this forum.

    Will it be a better idea to start off at Orbixa and then apply to Bright Trade after I gain more experience?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Starting with 10k and $10/day stop? That's a joke, right?
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    They are probably trading 1 share.
  4. If you read my post above.. you'll see it's not $10..

    They start you off at 100 but you move up quickly... even lot trades.. but that was kinda funny :p
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    wow, thanks a lot for your post, Jack! it was very informative.
    Anyone working in the Vancouver branch that can comment would be really helpful as well.
  6. the system default level at Orbixa for a guy starting from scratch is $50 per day... but local offices are able to overide this and many do use $10 a day as their starting point.
  7. the equity markets currently available through Orbixa's system are:

    In NA:
    US (Nyse,Nasdaq,Amex)
    canadian equities (TSx & Tsxv)

    in EU:
    Norex (Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo)
    Euronext(Amsterdam, Paris, Lisbon, Brussels)
    Xetra (Frankfurt)

    in AS:

    Japan (Osaka & Tokyo)
    Hong Kong
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    good to know there are so many equity markets available through Orbixa's system!


    Hi all,
    someone can tell me if there is some company like Orbixa? or a company that works on The european market the same way?.....
  10. All I can say is that I have never heard of this "orbixa" firm. Not that it's a bad firm or anything, just not like comparing with Generic or Echo or one of our types of firms.

    My suggestion is always the same. Make sure they're registered, license or exam required (to placate my Cbsx friends, LOL). All the basic due diligence (clearing firm, balance sheets, etc.).

    All the best,

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