Bright Slashes Rates for 2010.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. OK, as a "soft rollout" and in an attempt to help counter act all the outside fees and other obstacles in our trader's way, we have drastically cut pricing for 2010.

    All the safety, training, interaction still included.

    Standard traders (200K shares per month and higher). Rebated rent, and .005 per share with .003 for shares above 1,000 on any given order.

    New traders and those under 200K shares (from .01) now .007 with .003 above 1,000 shares.


    (Maybe not the cheapest, but a drastic difference, and "apples to apples" pretty darn good IMO).

    Happy Holidays!!

    Don :)
  2. If we know the prior rates , we could see how drastic lowering is...
  3. I don't understand how you guys stay in business with rates this low. :p
  4. New were .01 and .004 over 1000.

    Seasoned Trader was between .01 and .008... then to:.007 first million, .006 above 1 million.

    Some "special deals" of course. But the point of doing this is that it gives over 90% of our traders a great break.

  5. you're LOWERING you rates to that? hahahahaaaaaa. unbelievable.
  6. jem


    don - those rates are just low enough combined with your leverage that I might be willing to get my 7 again and see if you would have back in the fold.

    Can one start trading with you before they take the 7.
    I once had a 7 and was a member (or part of a LLC member) of philly, san francisco and chicago at different times.
  7. Is 60K capital and series 7 enough to join BT?
  8. Thread title should be-

    "Bright slashes rates to where the rest of the street was 4 years ago"
  9. very bad volume nowadays, bright has to slash rates to attract more customers. many firms going out of business very very soon due to lack of volume
  10. Glad to have you with us, you would need to pass the 7 before trading.


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