Bright side of the Mortgage Crisis

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  1. At least you won't have anymore low/no class bums moving into your nice neighborhoods.

  2. No, but the security costs to protect your family will skyrocket.:D
  3. Don't worry! Eat your bluepill and be happy... Xanax or whatever.

    I live in Brazil, and can testify that corruption on all levels of society will lead to an enormous increase of security-related business.

    In Brazil we have the largest numbers of bulletproof cars in the world. Every property has at least a 2.5m (8-9ft) concrete wall, with broken glass/steel spikes/electric fence on top of it. Then, there are also cool stuff like not being able to withdraw more than USD 60 after 22:00 and until 07:00 in the morning from ATMs - because of "flash kidnappings" forcing people to withdraw from ATMs. Oh, and in Rio de Janeiro the ARMY is protecting central points around the city so that the election can happen.

    Things are looking rosy, Rosie...
    Just get in line for the milking stations, will you, or the electric prodder will MAKE you.

    And the "under class" - as opposed to the "cognitive elite" and the "managerial class" - will be very glad that they could "invest" with their social security ...

    Hahahaha ... nice going. See you guys in crime hell/heaven!
    At least you guys have Homeland Security - go invest in their sub-contractors...
    Also other Patriot Act profiteers. Prison corporations etc. THE GRASS IS GREEN AND IT SMELLS LIKE MONEY!

    The future is bright - thumbs up! Time to invest in the Gambinos, Genoveses, Gottis etc.
    They KNOW how to make a buck from this. I see that every day here in Brazil.


    American Enterprise Institution and RAND Corporation have been researching for years in how to apply strategies and study you guinea pigs to understand how you respond to every little influence...
    Don't believe me - look at the research projects at these institutions!!!!!! That is something called systemic bias and it's designed to keep the "elite" at the top, funding and granting to researchers, giving scholarships to the "right-minded bright up-and-comers"...
    You guys are so blind it hurts my brain...

    Wake up!'s_impossibility_theorem