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  1. Don,

    Please do not take this as a combatative question, just wanted to know if you could clarify something. I was talking to someone who trades at Bright that told me that you are not a Class A member of Bright trading, that it is your brother Bob's firm. They said the main source of your income comes not from trading, but from being paid based on how many people attend Bright's seminar.

    Could you take a minute and tell us:

    A: Are you a class A member of Bright?
    B: How much ownership do you have, and how much does Bob have?
    C: Is the majority (greater than 50%) of your income derived from getting people to attend seminars?

    Thanks ahead of time for clearing this up,

  2. do you think that this forum is the place for such direct, personal questions, or would you have been better served emailing DonB directly?

    I think so...only from the perstpective that these discussion panels need to have a decorum about themselves that represents dignity, and respect for the trading environment. After all, would you go to a black tie affair, only to be served from a hotdog cart?
    I think not ...
  3. I have seen much discussion about things that are way more in depth than this before, he is an avid poster and I am not asking for his social security number or anything. If he does not want to answer, he does not have to. But if you were considering trading there, wouldn't you like to know about the firm you were joining? For all I know, his answers to these questions may be very positive.

    If these seem like personal questions, I am sorry. There were actually some deeper questions than that I wanted to ask but did rrefrain from. Is this a black tie affair, or is this the place to answer everyone's questions in one place so that 8,000 people do not have to seperately email someone?

    limitdown, on another topic, would it be fair to contact him directly, then tell everyone here the answers myself, or are these topics just too deep for discussion?

  4. By the way, I take full advantage of trading from home. If this is a black tie affair, I am probably the most underdressed person in the room. :D If I had a webcam, I don't think you would get much trading done :D :D
  5. Gee, not a loaded question at all, is it. How about if I start posting how much money is owed to Bright Trading by those who work (trade and teach) for competitiors? How about if I expose the trading records of those who have gone to competitors owing us a lot of money?
    But being the nice guy that I am, I will answer your questions
    A: Are you a class A member of Bright?
    I am a member of Bright Trading, Inc. - which is the "Class A" member of Bright Trading, LLC. My participation has grown every year.

    B: How much ownership do you have, and how much does Bob have? That is personal, I and choose not to answer it. Bob and Edward Franco are the "owners"...(it's in our published materials).
    C: Is the majority (greater than 50%) of your income derived from getting people to attend seminars? Aboslutely Not.

    Come on, I just thought we were getting past all this. A few years ago, I came back into the "family business" after not trading for 5 years. I even lost money "getting my feet wet" again, and that is common knowledge. Things have turned around, I (we) do extremely well ( for Bright Trading, me, my brother, and all of our traders). I could make another couple hundred grand by exploiting "seminars" and all that, but I choose to keep things at a low cost, give real value, and help grow the industry.

    Thank you for asking....And, thank you for helping to get the "Bright" name on top of another thread!!

    Now, let's be fair now.
    A. Who do you trade with?
    B. Where is your income derived?
    C. Do you have an "agenda'" here?
  6. Since we are "personal" about turning on the webcam....everyone knows what I look like...(pretty scary)...


  7. now that quote caught my interest with a user name of Julie and hearing lack of clothing.

    I'll chip in for a webcam for ya

  8. I love dress-down Friday's.

    Lobster :D
  9. :)

    I hope you are offended by this, I was just curious to know about what I had heard. You sounded upset by the questions, but answered them and that is that.

    As for me, I have accounts with many firms, I am not here to advertise for anyone so I will just inform everyone to what you already know, and that is I do not trade at Bright. I am not here to say anything negative about the firm, I just lately have wondered why in the last three months you guys have needed to make such a push on these boards to recruit people. I just saw in another post that your remote trading manager is also here touting your firm. I think almost 800 posts in 3 months is a little excessive, don't you?

    I don't know you, so I do not have an opinion about you. If there was any firm owner that was here spamming as much as you, I would be annoyed with them as well. I do enjoy getting the fact that this is an open forum, and if people show up touting their firm we can ask the tough questions. If I have an agenda, and from what I have read other people say I am not alone in this, I want the firm salesmen to leave these boards alone and return them to the fun old days of traders talking about trading, instead of owners battling over who's firm is better. I saw yet another firm salesman (VB) pop up in the last few days too, oh joy. To be fair to you, Don, if I can think of any hard questions for him I will put him to the test.

    In the early days of elite, Gene Weismann was the only firm owner on these boards, but he did it in such a professional and non-firm promoting manner that I really enjoy his participation here. I think any firm owners who are thinking about spamming here should go back and read his old stuff and take note of his interaction style with the traders here.

    Don, I appreciate the fact that you are on these baords and healthy participation by more and more people is always good. But we understand already that you like your firm, and getting in a comment every ten seconds about how good you are doesn't seem like it is helping anything. I do not enjoy it at least, I would love to hear what other people think about it. Every time anything about any firm pops up, you can rest assured that you will be there saying how you do it better. Am I the only one who thinks that the good firms do not need to self-promote, or wonders how in the world you have so much time on your hands to post 800 times in three months if you are also se busy trading and making money and running a successful firm?

    Again, these comments are not directed at you for personal reasons, they are for any firm owners who would be here doing the same thing.


  10. Maybe if I "dress-down" enough I can charge you all a monthly fee to watch me trade? :D

    I guess that's one way to supplement my trading income until this market gets better :)
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