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  1. OK, due to an avalanche of requests, we are having a Holiday party on December 15th, at end of day. Our traders will be there, and we would like to see our ET friends (and ET "others" LOL).
    For those attending Baron's ET party, we'll have a shuttle ready for you at 6:15 (going back and forth until 8:30).

    For more info, click here:

    Oh yeah, I forgot the important part.
    Free Beer, Wine, and hor'dourves.

    Please rsvp if you can to:
    and/come by our booth (#421).

    See you there!!

  2. Sorry, I fixed the link should work now.

  3. Deptrai


    When you say ET friends does that include forex traders who make vast sums of money?
  4. Yeah, thats another area Bright Trading should expand to, (FOREX).

    What do ya think Don?
  5. Nope.....I can't make it. I'm taking some hot babes to the Caymen Islands on my yatch that weekend.

    I wonder if I should take the 120 footer or 170 footer?
  6. Sure, we area a "kinder, gentler" group of traders....LOL.

    Don :cool:
  7. Deptrai


    Thanks Don.
  8. Is a "yatch" anything like a yacht?
  9. Ebo


    Maybe he mispelled "Snatch"!

  10. Its sort of like a cross between a Yacht and a Beyatch. I used to have a 36' Beyatch docked outside my home, but it got to be too high maintenance. That was a hell of a boat.

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